A21.1 B12 EXP Release

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Alpha 21.1 b12 Experimental is out!

Today The Fun Pimps have the A21.1 b12 EXP update for you all! It addresses an issue with airdrops in the current EXP build and has numerous other fixes and changes.

To opt in please follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the game in steam
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click the “betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download

They recommend you start a new game when participating in EXP. They are not aware of anything affecting existing savegames negatively. If you plan on using your regular savegame, they advise of at least making a backup.

Here is what changed since A21.1 b6 EXP:


  • GameEvent Requirements for Biome, POI and Progression.
  • FailQuest Action for GameEvents.
  • OnQuest Requirement for GameEvents.
  • BuffInjuryBleedingCooldown that adds BuffResistance after bleeding buffs to help reduce consecutive bleeds
  • Shape blocks support attribute hide_helper_in_creative
  • Exploding vehicles spawn a loot bag of contents
  • Dew collector audio.
  • F8 heat info shows active count and up to 10 events in current area
  • Count and Count Type to Item Actions for GameEvents.


  • Updated colliders on control panel block set to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Updated the collider for officeChair to allow projectiles to pass under them easier
  • Updated the collider for hospitalBedPrefab to allow projectiles to pass under/over them easier
  • Updated the collider for palletsWoodStackPrefab to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Updated the colliders for drink vending machines to prevent floating items placed on top
  • Updated collider for industrial_fence_bottom_02
  • Updated localization for Salvage Operations to say you can gain UP TO the percentage of each perk level. This is due to how harvest events need to be tagged and the amounts of resources that are randomized for general harvest.
  • Updated food bundles with a couple of mineral waters
  • Updated the description for food bundles
  • Updated all forge recipes with is_trackable=”false” parameter
  • Updated collision property settings on rampFrame shapes to allow projectiles to pass through them
  • Removed the chance to receive buffInjuryBleedingTwo inside buffAbrasionCatch
  • Reduced the chances of random rolls hitting other crits inside buffOnAnyCrit
  • Moved corpse removal passive effect to buffStatusCheck02 to prevent item stats from being inflated when near a corpse
  • Removed corpse removal passive effect from all items and added tag “corpseRemoval” instead
  • Updated bulletproofShapes with hide_helper_in_creative attribute to hide bulletproofShapes:VariantHelper as it is blank and not needed
  • Set LODCullScale for the duct block set to cull at approximately the same distance
  • Reworked critical buff pop out icon colors for consistency. White = Treated, Orange = Untreated, and Red = Severe
  • Set LODCullScale for several corner pipes to cull at approximately the same distance
  • Restored the ability to sell pumpkins, yucca, and hops
  • Adjusted loot lists for T2 Buried Supplies
  • Updated dysentery localization for water/food cap being removed over time
  • Updated zombieBusinessManRadiated xp to be in line with other radiated zombies
  • Removed unused sound noise range, playerOnly, hordemeter and hordeMeterPlayerOnly parsing and storing
  • Removed misc xml noise parsing
  • Removed unneeded entity TintMaterial code and xml (caused excess material creation)
  • Removed unneeded entity ReplaceMaterialx code and xml (caused excess material creation)
  • AI player inventory tracking only stores specific items so less data handling
  • Removed sound noise range
  • Zombies, Zombie Animals, Traders, and Junk Drones now have BuffResistance to buffRadiationPool
  • Improved AI activity (heat) tracking to use a realtime duration, merge events and remove empty areas
  • Block activity to 12 min duration and sound to 4
  • Updated DestroyFX settings for dew collectors


  • No airdrops in A21.1 b6
  • Switch issue for POIs
  • Starve command not starving player
  • GameEvent Requirement for CVar was not working correctly.
  • Interrupted RWG generation on dedicated servers causes exception when starting the server again with the same settings
  • Createwebuser command throws exception when used on the Terminal Window
  • EntityGroups XML parser skipping last line of a group if not terminated with a newline
  • XML CSV operation now ignoring leading/trailing whitespace when checking for existing values (can be disabled per patch by setting keep_whitespace=”true”)
  • Pipe bombs and dynamite can no longer be lit underwater, and are extinguished when entering water. Also adjusted the dynamite and pipe bomb prefabs to correctly show or hide the fuse sparks when they are thrown.
  • Fixed NRE that can occur when reentering a game not using persistent profiles while your character was last holding a thrown explosive item.
  • Using auger or chainsaw right before they’re done repairing breaks item/hand placement and hand animation. (Fixed a secondary issue when playing multiplayer).
  • Third person light on the claw hammer with burning shaft mod being much brighter than the light when the mod is applied to other tools
  • Ranch_01 not using the correct driveway part.
  • Bookcase in loot room of house_old_victorian_12 was upside down
  • Newly acquired Stun Batons don’t charge on power attacks.
  • Tech Junkie Volume 6 currently has no effect.
  • Toolbelt slot memory after death.
  • Tier0 weapons/tools can be sold in rented vending machines, but have no price anywhere else.
  • Forum Report : Modded items are not included in the total quantity pop up.
  • Items craftable in the forge can be tracked, but only show the name of the item, nothing else.
  • Bacon and Eggs recipe was not properly being reduced with Master Chef Level 3
  • “Persistent Profiles” setting when creating new game does not initialize to its default settings
  • None of the shape variant helpers can be found in recipes by their localized names
  • World Editor Create World size arrows and back button stop responding when size is scrolled down to the custom input value
  • Nursing_home_01 removed extra microwave.
  • Fixed rounds per minute firing rate for the doubled barrelled shotgun and implemented new “RapidTrigger” property for ItemActionRanged that allows separate trigger pulls to fire the weapon faster than the roundsperminute rate.
  • Zombies accidentally damaging dogs, zbears and vultures and vice versa
  • Electrocutioner perk doesn’t fully work on Dedi.
  • AI activity did not restart when going back in time
  • Junk drone path smoothing, better door and teleport decision reaction
  • Armor recipe unlock option level display is missing.
  • Consistent behaviour across all explosives when underwater cannot be armed but can be thrown. Held armed items that should be extinguished when entering will (grenades, timed charges will not). Also fixed tag on molotov cocktails preventing them from exploding when hit with an explosion like other thrown explosives.
  • Updated abandoned_house_09 based on feedback
  • Large_park_02 updates made based on feedback.
  • Warehouse_06 small block update.
  • Downtown_building_04 removed misplaced block.
  • Minor adjustments to sleepers/triggers in weigh_station_01.
  • Updates to prison_02 based on player feedback.
  • SI issue in house_old_pyramid_01.
  • Updates to parking_lot_02 based on player feedback.
  • Updates to police_station_03 based on player feedback.
  • Armor recipe unlock option level display is missing.
  • House_modern_29 – fixed mispainted textures
  • Wilderness_filler_14 – changes made based on feedback.
  • Spanish translation for reqAgilityLevel06
  • If a player is moved away from a loot container they are in, it breaks that player’s ability to open loot containers
  • Repulsor Mod effect applies to teammates, ignoring no friendly-fire setting.
  • Can’t place a bedroll to the right of a bedroll you just put down while facing North
  • Planted seeds can be lost when picked up too quickly
  • Japanese water journal tip still mentions empty jars.
  • Downtown_strip_12 – small update to path to show the path clearer.
  • BlockSpawn check for missing trader would not happen all the time.
  • House_modern_27 – fixed a couple minor details.
  • Radio_station_01 – fixed floating calendar.
  • Nursing_home_01 – fixed sleeper spawning on sight issue
  • House_old_modular_03 stuck dog
  • Key rack connected door was not locked in trailer_01.
  • Mistake in Japanese translation for trapsT1
  • Motel_01 sleeper spawn in view of player
  • Survivor_site_11 sleeper spawn in view of player
  • House_old_ranch_06 in need of a quick exit
  • House_modern_12 – Added quick exit.
  • Japanese translation for armorT1 is wrong.
  • House_modern_29 – fixed mispainted textures

Source: Official Forum Topic

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