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Welcome to Ravenhearst a place where your nightmares grow and fester and the world around you is trying to kill you at every turn. Ravenhearst is a full overhaul mod that uses the amazing 7 Days to Die and turns expectations in its head. Every aspect of the vanilla game has been tweaked or tuned to increase challenge and difficulty. Ravenhearst has often been called the mod that is not for everyone. It is best played by those that have a basic understanding of the vanilla 7 Days to Die experience, and for those looking to challenge themselves.

Below you will learn just a little bit about what they have to offer. Keep in mind that Ravenhearst, just like the actual 7 Days to Die game, is nowhere a near finished experience and it’s development is ongoing, and as such should be played with the open mind that there can be major updates that will cause save breaks and resets to your game. They pride themselves on using team of testers to thoroughly play and beg test so that they can provide you with the most solid gaming experience they can manage to put forth. But also keep in mind as with anything, things can happen. They just try to reduce these “things”.

All the Worlds a Stage

The ENTIRE game is now gamestaged. Until gamestage 5, you will see slightly weaker versions of zombies in the world, helping to bridge the gap into Ravenhearst. The incredibly talented wOOkie nOOkie has enabled him the chance to gamestage every aspect of the game. Wilderness Spawns, Wandering Hordes, Biome Spawns, Night Time Spawns ALL of it is now set according to your gamestage so you wont see ferals or cops on Day 2. Not until you reach over a certain gamestage. Night Terrors do not spawn pre Gamestage 50. Gamestage tiers are as follows:

  • GS1 – Normal Zeds
  • GS50 – Tier 2
  • GS100 – Tier 3

This ensures you do not get overwhelmed and also that the challenge increases as your level increases.

The Night Bleeds

The nights in Ravenhearst are full of disgusting creatures and terrifying sounds. Night Walkers are zombies who seek blood and are faster than a normal zombie. But fear not they disappear by morning… until you grow stronger. As your gamestage increases so do the chance that they will remain in the world!

Suite of DLL Harmony Tweaks

It goes without saying that wOOkie nOOkie had been a major driving force behind Ravenhearst. Since leaving the team, their new coders Yakov and Redbeard have converted all of their old code and given it new life. The following make its return to their mod thanks to them:

Anti Nerd Poling

No longer can you jump and place frames. You have to plan out your builds with ladders and other blocks now. More realistic and challenges people to come up with new ways of overcoming challenges.

Recipe Ingredient Limit Removal

Recipes can now have dozens of ingredients so we are no longer restricted to 5. If a recipe has more than 5 there will be an arrow below the description you can click. It will scroll through the pages of ingredients.

Blood Moon Vehicle Disabled

Their mod introduces challenges they expect players to face. Vehicles will become disabled on Horde Night. Bicycles will still work. Think of red moon and horde night like an EMP bomb, electricity is whacked during it.

Skill Points Bonus

You will now gain 2 Skill Points every 10 levels as a boost to your perks. You can use these points just like any other and they are automatically added. So every 10 levels you have something to look forward to!

Gamma Limiter

This may cause some controversy but they have set a limit on Gamma to 75. The reason for this is they have noticed players jacking their gamma up so they can see in house and at night. Some of these pois were designed with shadowy dark corners in mind. A little gamma bump is ok but bumping to 100 defeats the work put in by our POI makers. This is till open to some editing and tuning.

Trader XP Removal

You will no longer level your Player by selling items. This is a gameplay decision made by him. He want actions to count for your level not selling to traders. Other aspects of traders are the same… for now.

Shared XP Limiter

When shared party XP first released they all assumed that it would be for questing and groups who work together. Recently it is accounting for people who do not level their weapons or skills but gain levels from party XP. This has led to complaints of tough zombies and unfair gamestages. They have hardcoded the xp sharing to 200M. The reason is gamestage related. Too many undergeared, under powered players who dont go questing with their partners are getting killed by zombies at the gamestage when their skills are not ready.

Modified Descriptions

Now the station something is crafted in and the tool you need are automatically displayed at the end of every description. Descriptions will also display the number of slots an item has.

Airdrop Spawning

Zombies will now spawn dependent on gamestage at airdrops. You will have to fight your way to the airdrop.

Quest Increases

You can now see more quests in the trader window and he will offer quests below the tier you are on as well.

Quest Crafting Warning

A message will display if you leave a table while crafting an item needed to complete a quest.

Reverse Rotation

QoL addition that allows you to reverse a rotation on blocks placed using LeftShift and LeftMouseClick.

Stash Backpack

The original stash backpack you know and love designed by wookie.

Vehicle Pickup Disable

Realistic weights on vehicles. You can no longer pick up and store your heavy vehicles. Bicycles can be picked up. Be careful while driving and prepare to dig a vehicle out if it is stuck.

All New Game Options

You can set quest fetches to show indicators on the map, enable headshots only mode, control the size and frequency of wandering hordes, increase range zombies can see you at and enable or disable rage. These settings work on servers as well and a rh_gameoptions file is included in the Extra Files folder.

POI Zombie Multiplier

Zombies will now spawn around groups of pois, making cities dangerous. You can control the multiplier in settings.

New Video Options

Field of view setting, show crosshairs, change the color of crosshairs or completely disable activation texts for a true clear hud.

PermaDeath Mode

You can now enable and disable a perma death mode from the RH menu. This adds a permanent death using Wellness.

Other Code Monkeys

Ravenhearst also includes other coding changes that will impact gameplay.

  • Redbeard – Ingredients will now allow you to click an ingredient in the recipe list to link you to how to make that ingredient. He has also created a fantastic transparent paper doll that pops up to let you know you have armor that needs to be repaired (below 50%).
  • Yakov – Their new main coder has updated and revised all of their previous code as well as introduced new tricks like radiated wastelands, wellness and more.
  • Bar0th Keep Blood Moon will no longer kill off your Horde on BM when you die.
  • Sphereiicore is also used as is his Take and Replace, random zombie walks and disable trader protection. Thats right, traders are always open but no longer are invulnerable!

Living Off The Land

Farming has received an overhaul. Farm plots are now an end game goal and allow you to grow underground. Water is required for the plots to grow. The Farm Table is where you can craft seeds from crops or from seed packs you find out in the world.

They have added back in Fertilizer, the Composter and yes Turds. Fertilizer made from the compost can be used on existing crops to increase yield. When destroyed, the crop returns to an unfertilized state, to be fertilized again.

Ground farming with a hoe has been brought back! Water will now deplete as your crops grow. You can work towards an irrigation pipe system. Irrigation will prevent water from being depleted.

Multiple new crops have been added like wheat, tomatoes, lettuce and more and these crops have been integrated into recipes new and old.

Infection Matters

When you are infected it will now kill you within 3 days. You MUST find a cure for your infection. It will persist through death. If you do not find a cure it will kill you. Chewing glass no longer represents a cure. Beehives can be made once the schematic is found. Tree stumps in the world have a chance to drop honey combs which can be crafted into honey to lower infections. This zombie apocalypse is very real and very dangerous.

Too Much Too Soon

Loot has undergone a complete rebalance (and may again in future versions) so that you are not swimming in loot early game. Scavenging and exploring now matters as you hunt for the best weapons and tools. Loot lists have been readjusted so they make more sense to what you would find in them.

From My Cold Dead Hands

In the ongoing quest to preserve what they love about 7 Days, they have readded some pulled game mechanics. Parts for guns are as they were with each firearm having specific parts you need to find to assemble a weapon like frames, handles and cylinders. More returns to former mechanics loved by many is ongoing for future updates.

Progression That Means Progressing

Levelling has been slowed down quite a bit to give the old way of doing things more prominence. You need to get out there and work those quests and use those weapons. All main attributes are now Player Level dependent. Perks have been rebalanced so as not to give the appearance of a character becoming Superman by Perk 5 of everything.

Progression becomes way more exciting with the addition of unlockable recipes for every Action Skill. Every 20 levels of a skill will offer an unlock of a tool and weapon to that specific skill. So as you level and increase your Action Skills you will learn more recipes from the skill you are perfecting.

Actions Speak Louder Than Perks

Action Skills have returned. Along with Quality you will receive a slight bonus in stats every time you level an Action Skill. This is Learn by Doing. Use axes and picks to level Construction, Bows to level Archery, Blades to level…. well Blades. You can keep track of your Action Skills progress on the skills screen.

Quality Control

Quality has been returned to 7 Days to Die. Each tool and weapon now has a quality level. 1-1000.

Each 20th level is considered next tier and every single item has had stats attached to them so that finding new weapons and tools is no longer a boring process. Loot is exciting again! Find level 72 pickaxe, but know there are better out there. This will promote leveling as well as scavenging.

But beware. You will need to increase your main Construction Skill because every repair will cost you 100 Quality Points. Every 20 levels of Construction Skill will drop that by 20 points. So Construction Level 20 will drop the penalty to 80 QP. Const Level 40 will drop it to 60 QP Loss and so on. Save old or found tools to reduce this quality hit early on using the combine feature in the workbench mentioned above.

Better Watch That Weapon Boy

Along with Quality returning they have Degradation returning as well! Your weapon and tool will now degrade by 100 Quality Levels each time you repair it at the start.

On top of this they have taken care of any mods that are in your item or weapon. If when repairing a weapon the quality reduction results in a lose of a mod slot any mod in that lost slot will be placed in the players inventory. Be careful to have a spare slot though as a full bag and inventory will result in the mod falling on the floor!

So how do you salvage this? By leveling Construction Tools. Each 20th level of Construction Tools after level 20 reduces that number by 20. So level 21 in Const Tools you will lose 80 Durability and so on. A true progression system.

The Home You Have Always Dreamed Of

Ravenhearst likes to pride itself on being a builders dream mod. They have added dozens of new deco items for you to craft and decorate with, a number of new player storage options, movie posters you can collect, art you can collect, tvs, holiday items, playable radios and record players, streamer logos and flags as well as made previously unavailable vanilla deco items accessible for crafting in their Decor Table. They are constantly adding new items as well.

Apart from over 50 new deco blocks he has also created several new block placeholders for poi makers. From new corpses to arcade and slot machines to miscellaneous trash decos like bullets and blood and liquor bottles and posters and potted plants, new mail box and trash can placeholders, now POI builders who wish to make RH specific pois can design them with variety in mind.

Film Buff

You will find many collectible posters in the world, ranging from movies to TV shows to art pieces. The selection is ever changing ad growing and fit perfectly in the basement of your shelter!


The backpack perk is now gone. In its place are backpacks that you can find in the world that unlocks three slots at a time to your inventory. These can be found in dressers, semis and other clothing related loot spots.

The Journal

They have introduced a quest based player journal that will take you on a questline all while teaching you the basic added mechanics of Ravenhearst. If you complete all the chapters of this journal you will receive exclusive recipes to craft some pretty cool items. The journal is not meant to be rushed through, rather it is meant to compliment your journey so do not worry too much about finishing it immediately.


Food and water have undergone a major rework. Food values have been rebalanced, new food added, animals rebalanced for their meat yields and now they give red or white meat. Water is also now contaminated and you will need to build a water filtration unit to decontaminate it before you can drink it safely.

POI Wonderland

Their dev Sinder has put in overtime to update and redesign all of your favorite pois from Compo Pack, including adding quite a few new pois from some of the best poi makers in the community.

Even older pre 17 pois have been carried over and shown love to fit in the modern world. Aside from those pois, they have included RH-community made pois from the likes of Evilraco0n, jarobus, Zyncosa, KnightRath, FallenDice, Yakov, Cjens and Sinder herself. Along with all new sleepers and loot spots as well as new paint and decos, there are new farms and crop patches as well as several new pois based on famous locations such as The Evil Dead, The Haunting of Hill House and more. The world is fuller than ever!

With new additions by Romper and Constip there are surprises and dangers lurking around every corner.

You Have Some Red on Ya

Zombies come in many forms. They have added additional looks to zombies. Higher tiered zombies will sound different so you can tell them apart. There are boss creatures spread around the world in special locations like Robleto and Snufkins The Mummy and the Scarecrow. Night Terrors make their return as well, with favorites such as The Butcher, The Prisoner and the Mechanic haunting the nights and preparing to drink your blood.

Complex Crafting

Ravenhearst has always been about more realistic crafting and this version is no exception. At start you are given a Personal Workbench. This is your hub for all things crafting. The backpack has very limited recipes, just the absolute basics. You will need to carry this table with you. It can be picked up easily by destroying it.

They have added workbenches and stations such as the Farm Table, the Armor Bench, The Ammunition Table, The Water Filtration Unit, Survival Campfire, Mechanic Bench, Research Table and the Decor Table, all with its own uses and recipes. This will help you find what you are looking for better and also spice up that basement work area.

Along with the stations, there are complex recipes such as tool heads for crafting tools, molds for forge crafting and vehicle parts. Vanilla recipes have all been changed to reflect new materials such as screws, tarps, twine and recipes like concrete and cobblestone have been made more complex.

Vehicular Homicide

They have reworked how vehicles are made completely. You will need to find engine parts and more from harvesting vehicles with the crowbar. There is now an Mechanic Bench and those are used to construct parts. You will have to build chassis from scratch using parts like car seats, alternators, sparkplugs and more.

They have also added over a dozen new vehicles for you to collect such as community favorites from bdubyah like the Box Truck and Jeep as well as Snufkins extremely popular server vehicles! All of these vehicles have their own unique assemblies and parts and are locked behind schematics you must find in the world.

Barnes and Noble? Where!

All schematics now scrap into Knowledge Points, which can be used with Ink found in the world in the Research Desk to craft any missing recipes and perk books.

There is also a set of limited edition novels you can find in the world made by sinder that scraps into some paper for you to use. True collectors may find value in finding all of the novels left in the world. Some book stores or Research Facilities may have remnants of working Research Desks so make sure to search all of them.


You will notice green smoke filled areas on your journey. This represents a Tier 5 POI that is radiated.

There is no way to explore these without a hazmat suit, which can then be upgraded to an armored hazmat suit. Inside you will find military crates and chests that house end game weapons, tools, schematics and resources that can not be found in normal areas. Do not tackle these pois too early though. They are extremely dangerous.

The Wasteland is also now COMPLETELY Radiated!

The Bandits Are Coming

The world is now a little more dangerous as bandits will now roam freely. You will also be able to find some Survivors that you can hire for some extra protection.

Ravenhearst has always been a labor of love for JaxTeller718, but it also has been a labor of love for many others as well, without whom this mod would not be possible.

Ravenhearst Launcher

This is currently not working for v8.

Ravenhearst now has its own launcher that you can use to start the game, visit links, stay up to date on news and download patches without having to redownload the entire mod. Here is how to use it.

  1. Clear 7 days data and steam folder
  2. Switch to 19.6 stable in the beta properties of 7 days or make sure you are on latest stable and download.
  3. Make a special 7 days folder somewhere. It can be named anything. Devs find it useful to name it RH and date it or version number it. Example RH_7_6_1 or something similar.
  4. Copy vanilla 7 days from the steam folder into the folder you created and named.
  5. Download the launcher and when it asks during install where to install it, choose the 7 days folder you made. Read the next step before starting the launcher.
  6. If you do not want to dl the entire mod from the launcher download the git version and copy it into your new folder
  7. Double click the RHLauncher.exe icon to start it.
  8. If you did not download the git it will ask you to download the mod. Do so.
  9. If you DID download the git first it will ask you to update so it can sync you to the patch server. Do so. First time sync can take a while.
  10. That’s it. Start the mod through the launcher. In the future when a patch becomes available it will ask you if you want to update. You can choose to update or cancel to skip and stay on the version you are on.

Development Team

  • Sinder – POI Design and Redesign/QA/Art/Documentation
  • Yakov – Coding/Programming/Harmony Implementation
  • Redbeard – Coding/Programming/Harmony Implementation
  • shortypants1976 – Balance and Design/Test/Coffee Fueler
  • Fox-143 – Balance/Test
  • Constip – POI Design and Redesign
  • Romper – POI Design and Redesign

Testing Team

  • godjen99
  • romper
  • DandelionGames
  • Constip
  • rembomy
  • Ryper
  • Nax
  • Ryper

Dev Hall of Fame

  • dancapo
  • FallenDice
  • 2ndRecon
  • Bradmin
  • Makabriel
  • KnightRath
  • Robear
  • Shades
  • WookieNookie
  • VvRaynevV

Discord and Support

JaxTeller718 is not sure all of you are aware of the health struggles he has been going through for the past year. He has kept it off the forums. If you wish to read about what him and his wife shorty have gone through there is a detailed diary on their Discord in the Jax and shorty updates channel. 8.6 was a labor of love for him and was released despite the difficulties of maintaining a work flow. He is extremely proud of his work, and his teams work on this one. With 8.6 he will no longer be able to provide daily fixes and work on the mod. This is not to say he wont be updating or working on it but due to deteriorating health he simply can not be as present as he has been. He hope you understand. RH is not done, just slower for the time being until he can get his life back on track.

They look to forward to hearing what you think, and to helping them to shape the best experience possible for you. His time on forums is very limited and the majority of his development team has moved to Discord only. If you would like your questions answered quickly please join their Discord. They have an amazing community of fellow RH veterans and new players alike that are always willing to help out and offer tips and advice, as well as himself and his team checking in daily.

Download and Update Using Their Own Custom Launcher

Instructions are extremely easy to follow:

  1. Download the zip at the link provided.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip anywhere.
  3. Click on the exe in the extracted folder.
  4. When asked, point the launcher to your current game directory where you have Ravenhearst already installed.
  5. The launcher will verify the flies are in sync with the server. When it is done you are now ready for updates when they are released.

When a new update releases it will ask you if you want to install the update. Choose yes to install or no to stay on your current version.

Please keep in mind if you have modified any files in the mod the launcher WILL revert those files back to the originals. Make backups of your changed before syncing or updating.

Clicking “Check For Updates” will verify your install against the files on the server so if you run into any game errors or issues you can always click that and ensure your files are verified with their files.

The Launcher can also be used for NEW INSTALLS. Just make sure you place a vanilla copy of 7 Days to Die somewhere on your PC and install the launcher directly into the copy of vanilla. The launcher will automatically download the entire mod when you start the launcher.


Ravenhearst Installer


Ravenhearst 8.6.3 for Alpha 20.6 b8 stable has released!

Patch Notes for 8.6.3

No Wipes Needed, but new POIS will need to be found in unexplored areas or on a new map.

  • Added Easter Event. Be on the lookout for attacking bunnies who drop easter eggs to make Easter Crowns as well as Easter Candy in loot.
  • Lowered chances for fire tornadoes in burnt biome
  • Lowered chances for lightning strikes
  • Fixed issues with certain guns not playing audio
  • Changed textures on Ravenhearst Ores so they can be seen more clearly
  • Removed and renamed certain outdated blocks from Expanded Blocks (credit Ragnar)
  • Fixed loading issue with custom gun sight on prefabs in Unity file
  • Replaced missing 45acp rounds with .44 Magnum rounds
  • Added the following POIs:
    • rh_army_military_dumpsite_01_Weazelsun
    • rh_business__Vet_Clinic_Firecat
    • rh_business__Vet_Clinic_Town_Firecat
    • rh_lots_advanced_junkyard_02_Officecats5
    • rh_lots_AJ-Strip-shop_LazyTurtle
    • rh_uptown_commercial_01_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_01_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_02_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_03_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_04_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_05_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_06_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_07_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_08_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_09_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_10_LuzipherMST
    • rh_uptown_filler_11_LuzipherMST
    • rh_jail_supermax_Officecats5
    • rh_industrial_Sawmill_Pille
    • rh_jail_County_Jail_Volar_sinderRedo
    • rh_lots_Car_Dealership_new_p1ut0nium
    • rh_govt_Pentagon_Nauti_Angel
    • rh_industrial_apts_urbanblock_weaponspec
    • rh_industrial_ColonyShip_Rick
    • rh_industrial_Oil_PumpJack_Hydro
    • rh_industrial_outpost_rust_cjens
    • rh_industrial_Rocket_LaunchPad_Saeid
    • rh_lots_Junkyard_Hydro
    • rh_mall_ir8_center_ir8_gang
    • rh_mansion_Frat_House_Evilracc0on
    • rh_mansion_HN_House_hernan
    • rh_mansion_House_OfThe_Forest_Rukminesh
    • rh_mansion_ModernVilla_Owl79_WiZRedo
    • rh_mansion_Villa_Limodor_sinderRedo
    • rh_industrial_WindowsFactory_magoli
    • rh_mansion_Manor_Wookie_WereWulfen_sinderRedo
    • rh_lots_Car_Dealership_old_P1ut0nium
    • rh_mansion_Medium_House_franksousza183
    • rh_mansion_serial_killer_FLESHUS
    • rh_medical_Asylum_Wsiegel
    • rh_medical_Doc_Jen_Clinic_Evilracc0on
    • rh_medical_Doctors_Office_BostonLondon
    • rh_medical_govt_Science_Lab_kinklade
    • rh_medical_Vet_Clinic_Firecat
    • rh_military_FuelStation_NLBEagle
    • rh_military_Quarantine_Bunker_NLBEagle
    • rh_military_Quarantine_Post_NLBEagle
    • rh_military_tunnels_Evilracc0on
    • rh_school_MidwichElementary_Dragoness
    • rh_school_Z_High_Volar
    • rh_skyscraper_government_01_Deverezieaux
    • rh_skyscraper_man_002_Evilracc0on
    • rh_skyscraper_man_003_Evilracc0on
    • rh_store_apts_Set_01_Guppycur
    • rh_store_Bavarian_Shop_magoli
    • rh_store_general_mexico664
    • rh_wild_Guard_Tower_Knightrath
    • rh_wild_CaravanGW_Vastary

They also have a new Installer that will keep your mod updated.

Instructions are extremely easy to follow:

  1. Download the zip at the link provided.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip anywhere.
  3. Click on the exe in the extracted folder.
  4. When asked, point the launcher to your current game directory where you have Ravenhearst already installed.
  5. The launcher will verify the flies are in sync with the server. When it is done you are now ready for updates when they are released.

When a new update releases it will ask you if you want to install the update. Choose yes to install or no to stay on your current version.

Please keep in mind if you have modified any files in the mod the launcher WILL revert those files back to the originals. Make backups of your changed before syncing or updating.

Clicking “Check For Updates” will verify your install against the files on the server so if you run into any game errors or issues you can always click that and ensure your files are verified with their files.

The Launcher can also be used for NEW INSTALLS. Just make sure you place a vanilla copy of 7 Days to Die somewhere on your PC and install the launcher directly into the copy of vanilla. The launcher will automatically download the entire mod when you start the launcher.


Ravenhearst Installer


WARNING: This is an overhaul mod and as such is not intended to work well with modlets. If you use a modlet you do so at your own risk. There is a possibility your game may break or even your save. They can not troubleshoot any errors related to the use of outside modlets. There are just too many core changes to guarantee any will work well within their mod.

EAC must be disabled to play this mod.

7 days to die ravenhearst mod additional screenshot

Download Ravenhearst Mod
Download Custom Options for Servers (Required for Server Owners. Ravenhearst comes packaged with a custom server options that you need to use in order to use their custom settings. It is placed in the Data/Config folder on your server.)
Also available on the mod launcher!

If you appreciate JaxTeller718’s work and you want to show support, use the Paypal/Patreon link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: JaxTeller718, Telric, Sirillion, Magoli, Stallionsden, Riles, Scomar, SphereII, Alfacinha, Guppycur, Khelldon, Psousza4(MeanCloud), Genosis, Eihwaz, Bdubyah, DMC, Axebeard, OrbitalBliss, KhaineGB, Hernanxx

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  7. You guys are just SADIST !!!!! You must play this mod in a group or you gonna get wreck !

    Thanks for this AWESOME WORK !!!!!!

  8. Подскажите пожалуйста. Что делать с этим файлом “rh_gameoptions.xml”?

  9. Where is the number of mineral stacks defined?

    The number here is not reflected and it is 500
    Ravenhearst_7_3 \ Data \ Config \ items.xml

  10. у меня лаунчер не запускается при запуске белое окно висит и все

  11. I have 16gb RAM and playing on high video settings. But game uses too much memory and ends up getting full in 2 mins then crashes. Sometimes it doesnt even load. I play on 8k map. How do i fix this?

  12. Some of this overhaul sounds just awesome…
    Some of it is also a deal breaker for me… sorry for being “that guy” (i know you said it’s not for everyone) but i’d love options

  13. Hi, thanks a lot for the mod!
    I would like to register a problem, when facing the special monsters of 10000 dse life, when getting below 5000 the game crashes, several infinite red lines, just using ALT+F4 to close.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    (Google translator)

    1. Hey. This problem should be fixed for most of them if you update. Theres still a problem with a couple of them though we’re working on.

  14. Anyone else has an issue with zombies not moving? I doubt its a feature, so if anyone has any solution or a setting I didnt see, please let me know

  15. There seems to be a massive memory leak as of this comment date, the game either crashes during loading or a minute or so after it loads in, always showing radar pre leak or low virtual memory errors in event viewer. After running for only 1 minute the game crashed having used up 28GB of virtual memory.

  16. I was so excited to start this mod, but cannot get the patch to update through the aops app. It just spins and spins. it’s been an hour now. Thoughts?

    1. Same… I cannot get this to run properly. It literally ran overnight without anything happening. Not sure if its not compatible with the latest 7 days version or what…

  17. Absolutely love this mod. Played 7D2D a lot before Ravenhurst, and though the game was still early Alpha, Jax and his crew have been around to bring a level of realism and challenge MadMole has feared.* I have played many versions of Ravenhurst and some of Jax’s, lesser known, hardcore mods. True quality and great community! Thanks to all RH crew, helpers, and Devs! Truly the best!!

  18. Hey, I want to thank you for making such a great engaging Overhaul! I can tell how much work you put into this, and it shows! I hope you feel better soon, if not already better, because someone who works this hard to allow other people to have fun deserves to be healthy and happy. I really appreciate it! The only addition I would make, if not already implemented is a way to craft fire extinguishers. The spreading fire hurts, but the challenge is still nice to have! ♥

  19. Hello, first of all thank you for that great game!
    I would really like to run it, ran it on Mac yesterday but zombies unfortunately wouldnt move (installing this mod on OSX is a different thing, no modlauncher)
    So now i installed on Windows.
    I followed all steps correctly:
    Clean installation with latest stable selected in beta properties, copied files to special folder, downloaded the mod and put it in the special folder. Installed the modlauncher into the special folder and run it. It asks for update. And then it just spins and spins, its over an hour now..
    Any suggestions for a workaround would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  20. In addition to this, the modlauncher says i have 7.6 installed and wanna update to 8.61. But the dowloaded mod i put in the folder is rh_86_release-main.

  21. Edit:
    Also the progression bar “Patching Game” shows no progress at all.. The “downloading file” seems to work

  22. It looks like a totally D0pE work of art & I would love to play it on the new A20 version, just don’t know if its compatible

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