Remove Most Vanilla Starting Items

7 days to die remove most vanilla starting items, 7 days to die starting items

This mod removes all but the “land claim block” vanilla starting item i.e. adding this mod will cause all new players first spawn in game to have 1 item in their toolbelt.

This mods purpose is to increase the starting spawn difficulty, but also alow a “cleanest slate” for modding the starting items.

Why have 1 item in the toolbelt?: The game crashes if you do not have at least 1 item in the toolbelt Why choose the land claim block as the 1 item: This is common to all starting game modes (single/multiplayer) and is super easy to craft day 1.

Each starter item is removed individually, so you can edit this mod and comment out the lines in the mod of whatever items you want to “add back” in the “entityclasses.xml” of the mod. But remember to always have at least 1 item in the toolbelt in the mod if editing it.

Note: This should be compatible with other “Starter bundle” add ons, unless they rely on the starter items to be present to add/remove their added items (which they should probably not do) or they try to remove the Land CLaim block and not add andy otehr items. This mod does not delete the “ItemsOnEnterGame*” properties, just makes them contain 1 item.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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