Loud Sounds Lowered

7 days to die loud sounds lowered, 7 days to die sound mod

Chainsaw and auger has been heavily lowered. Most of the other sounds has just been lowered a bit to match all other in game sounds.

Sounds that have been lowered:

  • Chainsaw and Auger
  • Junkturret fire
  • Picking up items (This became annoying when chainsaw and auger were lowered, so Robeloto lowered this too.)
  • Forge/campfire burns out
  • Purchase skill
  • Hitting bedrock
  • Wrench harvest
  • When earth is destroyed
  • When glass is destroyed
  • When metal is destroyed
  • When wood is destroyed
  • Metal hit metal
  • Open chest/cupboard
  • Open/close inventory
  • Trader sound open/close
  • When trees falls
  • When trees breaks


  • (new) Updated for A20.
  • Added ui_trader_purchase, ui_vending_purchase, open_vending, close_vending, ui_trader_inventory_reset
  • Fixed meleeToolPickT3AugerSchematic in items.
  • Auger and chainsaw should now work with lower sound.

Download for A20
Download for A19

If you appreciate Robeloto’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Robeloto

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4 thoughts on “Loud Sounds Lowered

  1. Hi Robeloto. Congratulations on the mod. Very good. The thing is that it could have compatibility with a19. Is there any chance you could release an update of it? I would be very welcome to the 7-day fun!

  2. Thank you for this very nice mod !
    Any chance to see vehicles sounds added ? When driving for a while the motor noises give me and my friends a headache…

  3. Does this have to be installed locally? Trying to install it on my server and I get all kinds of errors in the control panel.

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