Wasteland Radiation A21

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The player accumulates radiation poisoning in the wasteland biome over time. The poisoning will sap available health and stamina until death. Poisoning accumulation can be slowed inside dwellings or by wearing pieces of hazmat armor. Poisoning will accelerate if exposed to water. Debuff occurs outside of the wasteland. Exposure to water outside of the wasteland will accelerate the debuff. A red hazmat symbol will blink in the left buff notification area indicating poisoning. A yellow symbol will do the same for debuff. A white hazmat symbol indicates immunity when wearing an entire hazmat suit. A craftable hazmat mod is also available if you wish to add to this mod.

7 days to die wasteland radiation a21 additional screenshot 1

7 days to die wasteland radiation a21 additional screenshot 2


Credits: r4pt, MAN2424

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  1. I can’t seem to download the files from the link. The folder zips up just fine, but they fail to download.

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