BFT2020 Crafting Mod

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Removes quality items from quest rewards, limits traders to Q2 or less (except for Solar Cells), and adds broken items as loot drops up to T4 POIs. T5 POIs have chance to drop Q6 gear.

Q6 Crafting

Adds Q6 crafting to the game and removes perk book / schematics unlocks for most items (now in crafting trees) – exceptions – clothing, cigars, and crafting cloth from fibers are still perk book unlocks. Also adds the ability to craft solar cells and solar banks.

NOTE: If the mod mentions custom assets (POIs, models, icons, etc), then it needs to be installed on both server and client machines in MP games.


  • (new) He uploaded a new version (V2 for Q6 Crafting Mod) that should remove the trader bug.
  • Added another crafting mod – Q6, removed perk book and schematic unlocks for most crafting recipes, and some other things BFT2020 did regarding crafting he probably forgot to write down at the time.

DOWNLOAD Q6 Crafting (27 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: BFT2020

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