Robot Dog Companion Mod

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This mod adds a robot companion to help carry your stuff. He’s not perfect, but he will do his very best to keep up with you. You will occasionally have to smack him to teach him who the boss is though.

Requires finding a schematic to learn, and craftable on the workbench.

If he dies, he will stay the same length of time as your backpack, so that you still have time to retrieve your stuff.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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3 thoughts on “Robot Dog Companion Mod

  1. Funktioniert leider nur auf lokalen Servern oder im Singleplayer.
    Ich habe diesen Mode auf den 3 Gaming-Servern Nitrado, g-portal und 4NetPlayers installiert. Sobald man den Hund absetzt, verschwindet dieser. Guppycur hat leider keine Zeit zu helfen.

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