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Elemental Damage and Biome Progression. I am a huge fan of Valheim and i always liked how different biomes were dangerous if you entered unprepared. This mod attempts the same by adding health damage to each biome and a way of mediating that damage thereby forcing players to be properly prepared before entering each subsequent biome.

  • The Desert Biome will require a heat protection mod that you fit in your armor to mediate the effects.
  • The Snow Biome will require a cold protection mod that you fit in your armor to mediate the effects.
  • The Burnt Forest Biome will require a hazmat suit to counter the effects caused by acid rain. Rain chance has been significantly increased in burnt forest so expect it to get wet.
  • The Wasteland Biome will require a hazmat suit, or radium mods which you fit into your armor to negate the effects of radiation.

In the first three biomes finding shelter will reduce the effect but not completely counter it. The health damage effects are not so great that a short run into a biome will kill you right away, rather it will alert you to the fact you are taking damage and you need to get out of there. Also the longer you stay in a radiated biome without protection the worse the effects will be.

This mod introduces a craftable radiation suit and adds radiation to the wasteland as well as radioactive acid rain to the burnt forest.

7 days to die edbp additional screenshot 1

7 days to die edbp additional screenshot 2

7 days to die edbp additional screenshot 3

Please note that i did not alter the vanilla effects of hot and cold in the game as i felt that would be too invasive to vanilla gameplay and not very compatible with other mods. As it is i don’t expect it to work well with any of the overhaul mods nor will i provide support for that.

This modlet is server side only. I did test it a lot but if you find any errors or ways to improve it please let me know.

This mod is for personal use. You are NOT allowed to take the code or parts of it to add to another mod overhaul in any way without first asking me for explicit permission.

Will add some pictures later when i have time.


Credits: ALo, Rattbertt (Huge thanks to Rattbertt who lent me part of his code and helped with testing.)

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