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Wolves Hero was first time make UK 8k flat land used from google UK map image & put on NitroGen much easy draw map with heighmap & fixed POI city/town worked well no more random map generate.

He been make 16k UK map with heighmap map from OpenTTD website. He use custom biomes from GIMP no more random biomes & on NitroGen just 50/50 chance spawn roads on between North England to North Ireland on. He feel awesome make UK map on 7 Day to Die feel like apocalypse on UK.

All 8 UK map list:

  • UK flat 8k plain
  • UK flat 8k biomes
  • UK flat 16k plain
  • UK flat 16k biomes
  • UK hills 8k plain
  • UK hills 8k biomes
  • UK hills 16k plain
  • UK hills 16k biomes

Only small issued about few water was chopped off on near land can’t find any fix it bug could on NitroGen. Water bug screenshot

Depend on people would like plain or biomes or hills or flat land on UK map. But beware 16k map lots of RAM usage best use 32Gb RAM when loading game & this map need prefab pack, if loading start new game will no building around map because custom prefab pack mod in my 7 Day to Die folder. Make sure download custom prefab pack.


Been re-generated world fixed 8k UK flat with biomes no more snow whole UK & re-generated all map packs fixed traders quest.

Alpha 19 Versions
Download Custom prefab only for A19 (Make sure download from compo-pack)
Download Vanilla prefab only for A19
Alpha 18 Versions
Download Custom prefab only for A18
Download Prefab Pack for A18
Download Vanilla prefab only for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Wolves Hero

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13 thoughts on “UK Map Pack

  1. I tried doing what it says in the 3 relating threads nothing worked, so…heres how to stop the, errors and bugs, if you also have the same result:

    0 ) install modlet, like normal mod in 7dtd\mods folder.
    1 ) Run the relating linked app Nitrogen, that you will need to relevantly configure with the relating linked files for Nitrogen-7dtd (should be only a few config files).
    2) On the right side of nitrogen select use, “import_HM.png” and “mask.png”, then tweak settings with few towns and very few cities, and very few for most of the rest of the stuff, as well as, to also select cp47 on the right side again, oh and no highways.
    3) Generate your own updated UK map, to whatever size you want (the uk map for valheim is 10k, so I chose 10k, so they are the same, but, FYI the resulting 10k map for 7dtd seems to run on my 8GB dedicated server)
    4) copy the map to your 7dtd\data\worlds folder, then configure 7dtd as necessary.
    5) run game with map, and then, maybe take time to bug author to update his map using nitrogen, then re-upload it.

  2. Map loaded well and all seem good, completed first few basic quests, but when I went to speak to the trader, I was told that there was no trader, so was unable complete the final section. I downloaded the UK Hill 8k Boimes map. Any help or advice welcome. Thanks.

    1. I think quest bugged not detected any traders around map, just keep re-generated world sometime work quest trader

    1. I already re-generated world still snow on flat map with biomes. I think NitroGen with my own biomes was bugged on flat map, no issued on hill map with biomes worked fine. Quests bugged not detected any traders around map.

    1. Go to steam library 7d2d right click go to properties local files browse new window should pop up look for a Mods folder if you dont have one make it just how i type it open the folder and drop the files from the mod there …. o unzip the download file first

  3. Do I just put the map I want in ymy Mods folder along with the prefab pack or what do I need to do to install this?

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