Lights: Harder to Craft

7 days to die lights harder to craft, 7 days to die lights

This modlet makes it so flashlights/lanterns are a lot harder to obtain. Removes flashlights and flashlight related mods in loot and traders. Parts to create flashlights are found in loot/traders but should not be common.

Adds new items (recolors of existing items) that can be found or bought from trader:

  • Flashlight Case: An empty flashlight case. Can still melee with it.
  • Small Bulb: Small Halogen bulb, used for crafting flashlights.
  • NevRDie Cell: Small C Cell for flashlights and lanterns.

Modifies these recipes, to require different ingredients:

Adds new recipes:

  • Can make a car battery out of many NevRDie Cells.
  • Can scrap a working flashlight for NevRDie Cells.


  • Why? Because flashlights/place-able lantern are too OP/bright and he like a darker game. If brightness could be adjusted he would have made them easier to craft, but hard to craft a quality, bright one. This will force you to use torches (heat sources) and/or have a harder time looting (for awhile) vs turning on your headlight all day/night.
  • The new parts are not common in loot, so it should take a little while to get all the parts and craft, and by that time you should relish the fact you have anything related to a flashlight mod in your helmet/gun. This also means those who loot a lot will be rewarded sooner.


  • (new) Small patch to “Lights: Harder To Craft”. He believe a recent vanilla patch? changed how some meshes were referenced. Something he read on the forums.
  • Updated for A21.
  • Small loot re-balance.
  • Conversion to a20.

Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD for A21 (17 KB)
Alpha 20 Version
DOWNLOAD for A20 (16 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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2 thoughts on “Lights: Harder to Craft

  1. @Pes,
    Sorry for the delay. I don’t get notifications from this forum, only the official game forums on my modding page.
    I think you could add it to an existing a19 game. If you already had flashlights then those will still exist if the mod was added later.

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