Server Side Teleports

7 days to die server side teleports

This was taken from my main mod as it was requested quite a lot.

Only the Server host needs to download this and it will push to all players, Do not install this mod if you already have the above mod installed.

The teleports that are available;

Teleport to Bedroll

Pulls you to where your bed is. (If your bed isn’t on the ground floor it may throw a harmless error rarely)

Teleport Party to You

Pulls your entire party to you, Very handy for horde nights and group questing.

Teleport to Landclaim

When teleporting to your landclaim you’ll be placed on top of the claim, for this to be smooth have your claim isolated with no blocks above it, This was NOT tested with multiple landclaims (if your server allows more than 1) I’d imagine it would pull you to whichever you placed last.

Works with most mods available in A21.


Credits: Mickkpewpew

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10 thoughts on “Server Side Teleports

  1. ive been getting this on my log file..

    is there a upgrade to this??

    thanks for reading

    024-05-20T11:37:45 2.713 WRN [MODS] MickkPewPew_TeleportsOnly/ModInfo.xml in legacy format. Please consider upgrading to V2 for future compatibility.

  2. First of all, thanks for this mod, I’ve been testing it for a few weeks and I think I’ve found a bug. When you place the Landclaim and pass over it, it takes you to your claim as it is correct, but it randomly generates another one in another place of the map. So far, it has only happened to me with this one. Regarding the teleport between several Claim, it takes you to the first one you placed.

  3. No conseguí hacer funcionar este mod. Se me extraen dos archivos, config y modinfo y he probado de varias maneras a la hora de ponerlo en la carpeta mods y no me aparece la opcion en el juego. Un poco de ayuda se agradece

    1. Si cuando descomprimes le das a extraer aquí, te sacará los archivos por separado, pero si le das a extraer ficheros te los da dentro de una carpeta. En el caso de que no te funcione esto, crea una carpeta con el mismo nombre que el zip y extrae los archivos dentro de esta.

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