Flogi’s Perk Mod

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  • Adds about 50 new perks into the game.
  • Some Perks are learn by use (Inspiration was taken from Khaines great Darkness Falls Mod and from Hybrid Learn by Use mod!)
  • You can gather specific looting experience, looting special containers
  • Intertwined Perks: Having a high experience in one perk will make another perk stronger
  • Unlock Special Assassin Perks by training as an assassin and spending your assassin experience

7 days to die flogi's perk mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die flogi's perk mod additional screenshot 2


  • Should be compatible with pretty much everything that does not change the lootable items completely
  • Build in compatibility for Darkness Falls


Credits: flogi

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28 thoughts on “Flogi’s Perk Mod

  1. i dont think the loot.xml changes are applied correctly in 1.0

    every single buff had an error in the startup log:

    WRN XML patch for “loot.xml” from mod “Flogis_perk_mod” did not apply: setattribute xpath=”/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@name=’fishing’]” name=”buff” (line 16 at pos 3)
    WRN XML patch for “loot.xml” from mod “Flogis_perk_mod” did not apply: setattribute xpath=”/lootcontainers/lootcontainer[@name=’junkTrashBag’]” name=”buff” (line 17 at pos 3)
    and so on.

    looking in the loot.xml there is no other item that uses a buff= property on it.

  2. The bonus loot quantity gets a bit extreme, looks like it multiplies the general loot bonus * specific loot type bonus, getting x8 -x9 times the base amounts, also grandpas elixir seems to break the mod, it fully wipes all perks, but the perks keep all the amount of exp earned so far, to a point that it no longer lvls up anymore

  3. So im having an issue with the mod, where under the skill tab it has no icon.
    I do have many other mods on, but i doubt they would interact in a way that would only remove the icon and affect it in no other way.

    So i need another mod, or to change a config. dedicated server is running latest experimental, same as my game client.

    1. You probably have only installed the mod on the server thus missing out the graphic I added for the Perk table.

  4. Yo! Great mod, if possible I would change the way exp from containers is given, so it works like the xp, given after you open it, right now you can spam E to open and cancel opening over and over again, without fully opening the container and cheese farm that specific exp

    1. Thanks, theres no way to change it unfortunately. This is already the workaround in order for the EXP to work at all. So you either abuse it, or you just dont.

  5. Nature boy isn’t increasing experience when collecting wild cotton, goldenrod flower and chrysanthemum.
    On A21 it also increased by hitting grass which it doesn’t on V1.0
    Only thing increasing it is collecting nests

    1. Yeah Nature Boy requires a weapon now for picking up plants in order for the skill to level, bare hands do not work anymore for some reason, dont know why, did not manage to fix it yet and ran out of ideas what couldve changed/what is breaking it with bare hands.

    1. They are probably Darkness Falls loot container related, you can ignore those. The mod has DF build in compatibility but will produce errors if DF is not present. (Also for me the console does not open automatically, so its not a critical error, just a missing reference error).

    1. Have you tried? Im not sure what the requirements for only server side are. Maybe I’m getting it wrong, but only XML changes means it can be server side only, no? So its only the one graphic breaking it?

  6. Another bug I found! I don’t actually think the code to increase the number of active turrets is working, after increasing my turret level to the max, I saw no change in available turrets I could have at once

    1. Thanks for reporting. It was actually the way I appended a tag to the rocket launcher which caused this issue. Strange cause it was working for the other items. I fixed it now and will upload the fix now.

    2. Thats only for Junk Turrets, you’re aware of that right? Cause when I tested it earlier today it worked placing several junk turrets for me.

  7. I think my other comment was deleted, but it appears as if you didn’t test the demo perk effects on the rocket launcher? Somewhere in your code, it breaks the game’s bloom function for accuracy and causes the Rocket Launcher to neither fire nor reload. I was able to fix it myself by removing the references to “perk 33” and “Bleeding Explosives” specifically for the weapon, but I’m not certain what could be causing the quirk itself with your code.

  8. Heyo, you’ve got a bug with your mod. I don’t use the weapon, but with this mod installed, the rocket launcher has a bloom that never ends alongside prevents it form either firing or reloading. Just wanted to let you know, but I’ll glance over the code to see if it’s a simple fix on my side.

  9. Awesome mod. One thing though. The main category, is that supposed to always say 0/100? I’ve been at Assassin Skill 0/100 even though at the bottom of my screen it says something like I have 80K XP when I’m crouching, etc.

    1. You likely have not installed SCore correctly. Make sure that you have both this mod and the “0-SCore” folder in your mods folder. Without SCore your perks wont level up.

      1. i have both mods installed but the main perks still wont level up, maybe i have to do an extra step to correctly install SCore ? please let me know

        1. people seems like when u try the mod alone it wont work for some reason but when u use it with friends it does.

  10. Since I got the gamestage perk i don’t get any zombies in POI’s…
    Using this mod with Darkness Falls

    1. Ok, thanks for reporting. Can you tell me what gamestage your game is on right now. Maybe it got negative somehow?

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