Economy Boost

7 days to die economy boost

Provides vending machines that act as fully stocked traders that players can place in their bases. These can be purchased from a trader or crafted at a workbench.

This mod works on servers with no client side installation necessary, or on single player games.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Dhlmaster

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5 thoughts on “Economy Boost

  1. Seems that i cant craft it and the trader doesn’t have it at all.

    The workstation has it and it shows me what it costs but, 1. it’s locked and 2. it doesn’t show how to unlock.

      1. You need to find the economy trader schematic to unlock, or give it to yourself in creative menu. Hope it helps

    1. Unfortunately, this issue is due to some mod authors still using http sourced download system. The Chrome browser blocks such downloads.

      Edit: The link has been updated.

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