Telric’s Decoration Pack

7 days to die telric's decoration pack, 7 days to die doors, 7 days to die windows, 7 days to die lights

New editions include a wood picket fence set, some clay vases, a few food decorations, and a tent that you can fill with other blocks. Also includes 470 variations of cabinetry!

This mod adds several new blocks of decorative value. They can be crafted with just a few wood and are not meant for defenses. Simply search ‘master’ in recipes to find the master blocks. Hold R when one is equipped to choose which block you want out of that set.

Does Not Require Restart
Client and Server Install
Alpha 20.5 (b2)

Note: As all of these models are personally made by Telric, feel free to include them in whatever you wish. Any overhauls or mods.


  • (new) Changed: lootlist for cabinets from playerStorage to cupboard
  • Added cabinets, towels, paper towel holder, rolling pin
  • Changed: light fixtures default to on.
  • Changed: ordering of blocks in xml (may cause blocks placed to shift around in existing worlds)
  • Changed and added: colors of windows and fencing to match the new cabinet textures.
  • Changed: retextured a few blocks

Download for A20
Download for A19

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Telric

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5 thoughts on “Telric’s Decoration Pack

  1. We kinda miss the furniture from the A19 version. You had really great kitchen cupboards, toilet, bathtub and so on in the mod. We miss that a little. It would be great if you put that back in 🙂


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