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This mod localizes the names of prefabs when they appear in quest dialogs.

Changes and Features

  • Uses the Localization.txt file to display the localized names of prefabs, instead of filenames.
  • Includes a Localization.txt file that provides names for all vanilla prefabs that can be quest destinations.
  • Will automatically pick up any other localization files, so prefab authors can include their own Localization.txt file, and their prefabs should be translated by this mod.

Technical Details

This mod contains custom C# code. It is not compatible with EAC. It must be installed on both clients and servers.

This mod does not modify any config files, save game data, or the game in memory. So, in theory, it should be OK to install or remove this mod to an ongoing game.

However, any mod with custom C# code has a small chance to corrupt game data. For that reason, Khzmusik still recommend starting a new game.

Possible Improvements

The non-English prefab names were generated using automated translation software. There are almost certainly names that are translated incorrectly.

If there are non-English speakers who are willing to tranlate the names by hand, please contact him. He need all the help he can get!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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