Custom Menu Art

7 days to die custom menu art, 7 days to die menu

Allows users to quickly add their own main menu background and logo. By default it resets to the old Alpha 20 and previous menu and logo.


Extract zip into your mod folder. Only supports PNG files. Rename your background image to “background.png” and your logo to “logo.png” and put them in the mods image folder overwriting the images already there. Alternatively you can name the images what you prefer and alter the code to reflect that.

Feel free to alter this mod to suit your needs. Khelldon has added instructions within the code to make it easier. ❤️

Big thanks to Doughphunghus for keeping Khelldon’s mods going while he was gone.


Updated for A21.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khelldon

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