The Vanilla Project

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JaxTeller718 is proud to present his latest venture The Vanilla Project. This mod brings back old changes and removals from previous Alphas.

The purpose of this mod is to compliment A20 and its new features by incorporating older features and items. This will not dramatically alter or change the new alpha experience rather it will present the alpha as it would be if removals had not occurred. Consider this a companion DLC.

What This Does and What Is Included


  • Brings back a 1 point stamina hit to all canned foods eaten raw
  • Brings back stamina hit to eating raw eggs
  • Brings back dysentery risk to eating raw eggs
  • Brings back stamina hit to eating corn meal
  • Brings back hubcaps
  • Brings back air filters
  • Adds hubcaps, air filters and cooking pots to the respective mine recipes
  • Brings back moldy bread and its recipes
  • Brings back blunderbuss ammo and its recipes (Now called Primitive Ammo)
  • Replaces ammo for Pipe Guns with individual ammo (Primitive 9mm Ammo, Primitive Shotgun Shells, Primitive 7.62 Ammo)
  • Brings back primitive ammo bundles
  • Restores Iron Fragments
  • Restores Ore Traces in Surface Boulders
  • Adds Animal Hide back to animals
  • Adds recipe for Animal Hide to Leather. 1 Animal Hide = 5 Leather. Animal Harvests are as close to vanilla as possible
  • Adds old menu screen


  • Added Primitive ammo to twitch integration and loot
  • Added Bear Meat and associated recipes (grilled, boiled, charred and stew)
  • Added Chicken Meat and associated recipes (grilled and charred)
  • Added Pork Meat and associated recipes (grilled, boiled and charred)
  • Added Rabbit Meat and associated recipes (grilled, boiled, charred and stew)
  • Added Venison Meat and associated recipes (grilled, boiled, charred and stew)
  • Replaced raw meat in animals with proper meats
  • Reduced Harvests on Animal Meat
  • Reduced meat needed in recipes from 5 to 2
  • Added Wood Logs to Trees
  • Added Wood Planks and recipes
  • Replaced Wood with Wood Planks in building recipes
  • Added Sticks and recipes
  • Replaced Tool and Weapon and Arrow recipes using wood with sticks
  • Added Sharp Stone and recipes
  • Replaced stone in recipes for arrows and stone tools with sharp stone
  • Added Basic UI with Food and Water thanks to Scomar
  • Added recipe for cloth made with 2 cotton
  • Changed bedroll recipe to require cotton instead of fiber
  • Removed Starting Quest
  • Added Tallow and recipes made from Animal Fat
  • Replaced Animal Fat in candles, flaming arrows and torches with Tallow
  • World crops can now be picked up with E like in previous alphas. Planted crops must be punched. Credit to Khaine for inspiration on this.
  • Reduced health on trees
  • Removed harvest on trees
  • Trees give logs on Destroy only
  • Dead Tree Bushes Now Give Back Sticks


  • Boiled Water now requires cooking pot
  • Added Scrap, Plastic, Reinforced, Steel, Iron, Military Padding Mods
  • All small stone harvests and destroys now give destroyed stone (exceptions being ore boulders and boulders)
  • All wood harvests and destroys now give wood debris (exceptions being trees)
  • Recipes added to turn destroyed stone and wood debris into small stones and wood planks
  • Leather harvests and destroys now give leather strips (exception being animals)
  • Recipe added to turn leather strips into leather
  • Rage removed from normal zombies
  • Repairs requiring wood changed to wood planks
  • Added Action Skills. For now they offer bonuses as you level but they will expand this to cover as much A16 features as possible. This requires a new game. (Keep in mind this one messes with progression due to action skills so adding and removing this from previous saves will cause a wipe. If this is unacceptable he can remove the Action Skill part or include it as a modlet choice.)


Fix for Upgrade Blocks Requiring Wood. Now requires planks


  • Fixed Nulls on wood items
  • Fixed nulls on Zombie Aggro


  • Fix for Action Skills Not Showing
  • Fixed Stone Axe, Hammer and Nailgun not using Wood Planks for Upgrades
  • Removed Buying Action Skills. Purchasing skills would not work with levelling through usage. You still had to buy the skill making LBD useless


  • Blood Moons will now last until morning, even from the first one. The zombies that will attack when initial horde is done are normal zombies
  • Added back upgrade paths thanks to Gouki’s Old System Upgrade Mod.
  • Zombie corpses now lootable thanks to Survager’s Zombie Loot Mod. This may need balancing as it may be op. Mostly junk loot with some special loot mixed in.
  • Canned Boiled and Murky Water returns
  • ReAdded the Challenge Quests in loot and traders


  • Removed Clay from Desert terrain
  • ReAdded Wood Log Spikes
  • ReAdded Blunderbuss
  • ReAdded Blunderbuss Ammo
  • Fixed Wood Item Repair Issue
  • Added Yakovs Wellness Mod
  • Added Goukis Old Farmland
  • Added Rabbit KaBobs
  • Added Stone to Underground mining replacing small stones. Placed in forge 1 piece = 25 Units of Stone
  • Added Molds for the forge. Pipe/Bullet Casing/Tips/Jars/Nails/Cement
  • Added Spherecore and his underground cave generation system


  • Updated Hud
  • Fixed Localization on Armor Mods
  • Added Old Menu Music (Will play after 5 seconds due to Pimps not allowing the logo screen to be edited)
  • Added Hornet from Khaines Mod which can be found here
  • Fixed Zombies Not Running
  • Updated ModInfo
  • Added Wolf and Snake Meat along with charred and grilled recipes
  • Rebalanced Zombie Loot. Now there is a chance of 0 loot in a zombie while looting them.
  • Added Spheres New Cave System and Updated Spherecore. New maps required for new caves
  • Updated Goukis Building
  • Updated Spherecore
  • Added Opening Logos and BepinEx
  • Added Steel Bars and Wood Bars
  • Added Window Recipes
  • Added Wood Log Spikes and Spikes
  • Changed Color and Wording of Iron Hoe
  • Removed Wellness

This mod will be updated with more removed vanilla features in the future.


If you appreciate JaxTeller718’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: JaxTeller718

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12 thoughts on “The Vanilla Project

  1. Wait, is the UI the old UI from alpha 8 and lower? The one with the minimap with the health, hunger, and thirst?

  2. First version of this mod is good but every change from 1.0 onwards is bad. Like having to craft planks and different ammo for pipe weapons? And bringing back looting EVERY zombie. YIKES. This is a masochism mod now lmao.

  3. Some Suggestions if its not already added maybe you could add the sliding jail doors you could shoot through or log spikes or maybe the ability to loot zombies or the crafting grid or the forge molds. You could also see if you can add the old thirst and hunger ui from the og version of the game you could bring back reinforced concrete or bring back gardening hoes for farming or the old wood costs for wood spikes. (Sorry for the many Suggestion’s)

  4. I love that someone is making a mod that’s brings back these old features! A lot of this stuff shouldn’t have been removed anyway but oh well.

  5. When are they going to update the console version? I love the game but it really needs to have what the pc version has!!

  6. Would love an update on Xbox I have the game just sitting there I would buy it again if it was fixed. Waiting with crossed fingers

    1. Don’t hold you’re breath. Consoles don’t support mods and has not been updated in years due to them not having publishing rights anymore. It will probably be YEARS, if they even update it at all, ever.

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