Unique Relics

7 days to die unique relics, 7 days to die clothing, 7 days to die armor mods


  • Game Version: A21+
  • Mod Version: 1.2

Intro About the Mod

Please read the section “Game Bugs” section. It contains critical info.

  • Number of Relics: 62
  • Relics provide unique effects / buffs.
  • Relics can be equipped on the Chest Armor slot.
  • As of right now, these Relics should be looted from:
    • Chance to loot from POI Chests, Safes, ZBags.
    • Chance to loot from Hidden Stash, Burried Supplies.
  • For Multiplayer, I suggest both Server/Host, and Client(s) / User(s) have the mod installed to avoid potential issues.

Relics Database (List of All Relics and Their Effects): Old Database, New Database

Update Log

Mod Version: V1.2 (A21)


  • Added 19 New Relics. Relics database updated (Scroll to position 42 to view new Relics)
  • Added a new body armor item that always has 6 Mod Slots.
  • Added Economic Value to Relics so that they can be sold to trader.


Relic: Mecha Command now grants +1 Robotic Limit (Any level). This makes the relic usable before level 50.


  • The Relics “Combatant’s Reach” and “Heavy Weight” has compatability issues with mods that add new melee weapons, as the effect takes place in items.xml altering individual weapons, adjusting values depending if the player has the relic equipped.
  • The Relic “Self-Damnation” may have issues with mods that introduce new debuffs and/or alter the names of the core game’s debuffs.


Barracade and Fragile Fragment causing self kill when hitting trap / vending machine


  • Thanks for visiting my mod and I hope this update provides fun and new builds.
  • With the release of new Relics, there is likely to be bugs, please notify me of them and I will try to fix them.

Mod Version: V1.1 (A21)

This update provides compatibility for A21. It also includes a Sound Effect Volume Option, the current Sound Option is set to Low Volume. More details below:

  • High Volume: This is the volume that was used in previous versions.
  • Low Volume: This is a new version that lowers the volume for the custom sounds.
  • No Volume: This is a new version that has no volume for the custom sounds.

How to select a desired volume level:

  1. The mod folder has a “_Sounds” folder.
  2. Inside the “_Sounds” folder are the 3 volume levels (High, Low, No).
  3. Inside each of those 3 folders is a file called “relic_snd.unity3d”.
  4. Copy the “relic_snd.unity3d”.
  5. The mod has a “Resources” folder, inside that folder paste & override the “relic_snd.unity3d”.

Fixes and Adjustments

  • Fixed Traveler’s Charm to now grant its effect at Player Level breakpoints.
  • Fixed Fulgor, Frigus, and Ignitious not having a CD on Power Attack (Now CD applies).
  • Fixed Config naming issue (should help the Linux/Unix users).
  • Fixed a consistency / typo with the SND for Ignitious.
  • Buffed Relic: Traveler’s Charm: Now grants +2 Carry Capacity per 10 Player Levels (Up from 1 Carry Capacity per 10 Player Levels).
  • Nerfed Relic: Master Key: Now has Effect capped at 50% (Down from 100%).
    • This is due to if reducing LockPickTime passed 100% will cause the timer to be stuck at 0, and not unlock a locked object.

Issue/Bug List


  1. De-equip your armor, apply desired mods, then re-equip armor. (Buffs granted from mods may fall off if adding / removing mods while an item is equipped)
  2. Ignite / Bleed / DoT kills seem to have some issue where those kills dont give XP.
  3. If Lockpick Timer is at or more than -100%, the timer stays at 0 and wont unlock an object.
  4. If using archery and you get negative magazine value and are stuck in an animation, swap to a melee weapon, use a Power Attack, and swap back to archery and reload.
  5. Never log out with negative magazine value. It may cause issues.


Barricade and Fragile Fragment causing self kill when hitting trap / vending machine

Buff-on-Equip Bug & Solution

In A20 and A21, there is a bug where when you are adding a Modifier to an Equipment that already has a Modifier that grants a Buff, the already-equipped Modifier’s buff will fall off / on as you add more Modifiers to an item that is Equipped. (Read here.)

Solution: Add your Modifiers onto an item while the item is NOT equipped. Once the item has all your desired Modifiers, then its OK to equip the item.


Special thanks to those who have answered my questions about modding!
Icons from Path of Exile, some icons adjusted.
Sound effects from Diablo 2.

If you like this mod, check out my Rings of Potential mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bladestorm Games

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28 thoughts on “Unique Relics

  1. I’m getting a relic like every other thing, would like to reduce the drop rate incredibly so everything is ultra rare. Do I modify:
    — Loot Chance :: Default –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelics” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.7″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.3″/>

    !– Loot Chance :: Low –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelicsLCL” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.85″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.15″/>

    !– Loot Chance :: Very Low –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelicsLCVL” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.95″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.05″/>


    — Loot Chance :: Default –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelics” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.97″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.03″/>

    — Loot Chance :: Low –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelicsLCL” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.98″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.02″/>

    — Loot Chance :: Very Low –>
    lootgroup name=”groupRelicsLCVL” count=”1″>
    item name=”casinoCoin” count=”1,20″ prob=”0.99″/>
    item group=”selectRelic” prob=”0.01″/>


    1. Sorry for the late reply, yes that should work.

      You can also delete:
      from line 99 and below, just incase it is doing some funky behavior .

  2. I’m sorry to miss one point, the localization file is missing the related entry of walk speed, I did not find it, walk speed in the game is still displayed in English after all the entries are translated into Chinese

    1. Walk Speed is already used by the game, so its not in my mod’s Localization file.

      When I look at the game/original Localization, check line 16913, I can see “xuiSkillWalkSpeed,UI,Menu,,,Walk Speed”.

      In the next update for my mod I will make a custom Localization entry for Walk Speed, and it should help you.

    2. I have made a small update to the Rings mod to include the custom statWalkSpeed.
      Download link should be the same.

  3. Hi, I am a Chinese gamer. I made a simplified Chinese localized patch for your Relic mod and Ring mod and distributed it to the Chinese community (rest assured, I noted the original author and address). They are very popular and have received nearly 6000 views and 150 comments so far, thank you very much for your efforts. I hope the enthusiasm of the Chinese players will make you feel that your efforts have paid off. I also received some bug feedback, some of which have been fixed I won’t mention. Some of the effects in Relic mod that follow rank growth do not work properly, such as Relic: Grasping Heart; ring of amplify in Ring mod has reported that the code effect does not match the description, the code implementation effect is to reduce diarrhea probability, the description effect is to increase the duration of buff (this has not been retested)

    1. Thanks for your reply, I’m happy to hear its popularity in other communities!

      As for the bug report, thank you, I will look into Grasping Heart. Let me know if there are other Relics or Rings that have issues (You said “Some of the effects in Relic mod that follow rank growth do not work properly” but only listed Grasping Heart, if there are other Relics with rank-growth issues, please let me know, and I’ll look into it and fix it soon.

      I’m going to explain the diarrhea part. The code in item_modifiers.xml uses “dDysenteryRisk” and “dCureDysentery” just to store a value, and in ui_display.xml I can get the value recorded/stored in “dDysenteryRisk” and “dCureDysentery”. The “d” means display, not the actual stat, I use this method for many rings to store a value and then display the value, its just a way to link the values from item_modifier.xml and ui_display.xml (Its tricky but works). If someone wants, they can see the code for Ring of Amplification located in buffs.xml at the bottom of the code, section “Ring :: Amplify”.

      Thanks for the comment!

    2. I have tested Grasping Heart, and it works for me:

      In the image you can see the top part is Level 100, No Relic (Grasping Hear) equipped, I hit for 8.
      The bottom part is Level 100, Relic equipped, I hit for 22.

      I can also visually see my Fist Attack Speed is faster when Relic Grasping Heart is equipped.

    1. When you equip the Relic, it will show an icon on your Map and Navigation Bar, the icon represents a target.

  4. An option to reduce relic sounds would be very much appreciated. being a melee main with smite activating on every hit is very jarring to the point I stopped using smite altogether. Its just too loud. Or even a download version without added sounds would be appreciated thanks!

    1. I am working on an update that will have 3 options to choose from regarding the custom sound effects (High Volume, Low Volume, No Volume).

  5. Relics are not showing up after being added to the server? The rings mod works flawlessly. But some reason not the relics? Any reason y that could be?

    1. UPDATE-after restarting and creating a new world, the relics have started to appear in loot. iguess just do not attempt to look for relics if you import the mod during a already made world since they may not load up at all. Least for me they never did until a new world was created.

  6. Love your rings mod, used it a lot in A20 because I liked brawler and archer. Never used the relics before. I’m liking it a lot. Just started a new map and found the Time Crunch relic. I laughed when I heard the sound. That is the sound of the Burst of Speed skill of the assassin in Diablo 2!!! Every time I hear it it makes me smile! Thanks for the mod update for A21.

    1. Yep! I felt like D2 sounds would be a good fit for the Relic sounds.
      Glad you enjoy the mod!

  7. The Relic mod is undeniably enjoyable, but it shares a common weakness with the Rings of Potential mod – the sound. The audio can be excessively loud, jarring, and disruptive. While this may not be a major issue for items with long cooldowns or specific activation conditions, it becomes unbearable for those with shorter cooldowns, as the incessant sounds every 5-10 seconds disrupt the gameplay. Reducing the volume of these items by around 80% could be a simple solution that could make this mod a hit. While I appreciate the concept of the sounds, they are currently too loud and frequent. Alternatively, a subtle sound to indicate ability activation could be a cool addition if feasible. If not, removing the sounds entirely would still be preferable to the current jarring and repetitive audio. Despite this issue, I still find the mod excellent and will continue to use it, but unfortunately, I am unable to utilize the items with the sounds in their current state.

    1. “Shares a common weakness with Ring of Potential – the sound.”
      The Ring of Potential mod doesnt have sound files, so I’m not sure about the common weakness.

      As for the Sound / Volume issue with Relics, the net update I push will have a No Sound Effect version, and likely ill make a Low Volume Sound Effect version.

      Thanks for enjoying the mods!

  8. I would like to tell you that the DoT effects not giving exp is not a issue with the mod. Its an issue with the base game. If you can strike the zombie before it burns to death you should be able to get the exp. Think of it as some kind of timer. I absolutely plan to try the mod because of the potential ability of the Corruption Relic. Personally I HATE trying to look for zombies in a Tier V building. If that relic can track those zombies so Im not sitting there guessing what rooms to go in, that’ll make 7 days so much better for me with that relic alone.

    1. The Corruption Relic is one of the more rare ones. But by the time you’re doing T5 quests, you’ll probably have one, or get one shortly.

  9. This is a very fun mod


    However, artifacts like Divine Strike are very noisy because you can hear the skill sound every time you attack.

    I want to know how to turn off skill sound.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a volume setter for sounds.xml, so what you could do is open buffs.xml and CTRL+F “PlaySound” and delete the whole line.

      When I make the next update, I’ll include a No Sound Effect version, and perhaps a Low Sound Effect version.

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