Unique Relics

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Intro About the Mod

  • Number of Relics: 42
  • Relics provide unique effects / buffs.
  • Relics can be equipped on the Chest Armor slot. (Originally Bladestorm Games wanted each armor equipment slot to allow one relic, but this would allow same-relic stacking (put the same relic, but on different equipment slots) which would allow for crazy scaling. So as an alternate plan, you can equip multiple different Relics on the Chest Armor slot)
  • As of right now, these Relics should be looted from:
    • Chance to loot from Chests, Safes, ZBags.
    • Chance to loot from Hidden Stash, Burried Supplies.
    • Chance to loot from Forge, Workbench.
  • Some relics have sounds when they activate.

!!Please read the section “Buff-on-Equip Bug” section. It contains critical info. It will be below the “Issues/Bugs” section.!!

Preview of Some Relics

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 1

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 2

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 3

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 4

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 5

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 6

7 days to die unique relics additional screenshot 7

Relics Database (List of All Relics and Their Effects): Google Docs Page

Issue/Bug List

Enemies that die from Fire/Burning/DoT seems to sometimes not give EXP. (He has tried 2 different DoT methods both have this issue)

Buff-on-Equip Bug & Solution

In Alpha 20, there is a bug where when you are adding a Modifier to an Equipment that already has a Modifier that grants a Buff, the already-equipped Modifier’s buff will fall off / on as you add more Modifiers to an item that is Equipped. (Read here.)

Solution: Add your Modifiers onto an item while the item is NOT equipped. Once the item has all your desired Modifiers, then its OK to equip the item.


Special thanks to those who have answered his questions about modding!
Icons from Path of Exile, some icons adjusted.
Sound effects from Diablo 2.

If you like this mod, check out his Rings of Potential mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bladestorm Games

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8 thoughts on “Unique Relics

  1. This is a very fun mod


    However, artifacts like Divine Strike are very noisy because you can hear the skill sound every time you attack.

    I want to know how to turn off skill sound.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a volume setter for sounds.xml, so what you could do is open buffs.xml and CTRL+F “PlaySound” and delete the whole line.

      When I make the next update, I’ll include a No Sound Effect version, and perhaps a Low Sound Effect version.

  2. I would like to tell you that the DoT effects not giving exp is not a issue with the mod. Its an issue with the base game. If you can strike the zombie before it burns to death you should be able to get the exp. Think of it as some kind of timer. I absolutely plan to try the mod because of the potential ability of the Corruption Relic. Personally I HATE trying to look for zombies in a Tier V building. If that relic can track those zombies so Im not sitting there guessing what rooms to go in, that’ll make 7 days so much better for me with that relic alone.

    1. The Corruption Relic is one of the more rare ones. But by the time you’re doing T5 quests, you’ll probably have one, or get one shortly.

  3. The Relic mod is undeniably enjoyable, but it shares a common weakness with the Rings of Potential mod – the sound. The audio can be excessively loud, jarring, and disruptive. While this may not be a major issue for items with long cooldowns or specific activation conditions, it becomes unbearable for those with shorter cooldowns, as the incessant sounds every 5-10 seconds disrupt the gameplay. Reducing the volume of these items by around 80% could be a simple solution that could make this mod a hit. While I appreciate the concept of the sounds, they are currently too loud and frequent. Alternatively, a subtle sound to indicate ability activation could be a cool addition if feasible. If not, removing the sounds entirely would still be preferable to the current jarring and repetitive audio. Despite this issue, I still find the mod excellent and will continue to use it, but unfortunately, I am unable to utilize the items with the sounds in their current state.

    1. “Shares a common weakness with Ring of Potential – the sound.”
      The Ring of Potential mod doesnt have sound files, so I’m not sure about the common weakness.

      As for the Sound / Volume issue with Relics, the net update I push will have a No Sound Effect version, and likely ill make a Low Volume Sound Effect version.

      Thanks for enjoying the mods!

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