HD Pump Jack

7dtd hd pump jack, 7 days to die mining

This 7 Days to Die mod adds a HD Pump Jack to the game. The Pump Jack will mine resources over time and deliver then for collection. Loot from either the front or the rear of the pump.


  • (new) Updated blocks.xml
  • Updated Loot Probability

Download is currently disabled. (Alpha 19 b163 issues)

If you appreciate War3zuk’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: War3zuk

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6 thoughts on “HD Pump Jack

  1. Am I missing something in order to get the pump to work? I’ve placed it on both regular ground and an exposed iron vein assuming I might just have to wait some time for it to fill, but I still cannot access any sort of inventory or output slot on the pump.

  2. Seems to be an issue with it. The pump is placed and spawns a red barrel after a while, though the barrel is not a lootable object. I’ve also received this console error.
    WRN XML patch for “loot.xml” from mod “War3zuk HD Pump Jack” did not apply: <insertAfter xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupBirdNestMain']"

    I do not see this anywhere in the loot.xml file.

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