12 thoughts on “HD Pump Jack

  1. I cant loot the barrels … I placed multiple ones they work just fine they do make barrels but you cant open or interract with them other than breaking the barrel with a pick/weapon w/e . Im on 21.1 b16 . Also using ravenhearst mod so i did add some resources to the pump( copper zinc etc ) and it worked on previous 7day version with no issue.

  2. My pump jacks work but after a couple lootings the barrel just stops producing anything.. Is this by design?? So ive been just making new ones . cant repair them and you cannot destroy the old ones with a pick axe or auger.. So we just dig under them an they self destroy..

  3. I can’t use it…..after i placed this pump mod,i can’t see anything but only sound when i log in sever…..

  4. Seems to be an issue with it. The pump is placed and spawns a red barrel after a while, though the barrel is not a lootable object. I’ve also received this console error.
    WRN XML patch for “loot.xml” from mod “War3zuk HD Pump Jack” did not apply: <insertAfter xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupBirdNestMain']"

    I do not see this anywhere in the loot.xml file.

  5. Am I missing something in order to get the pump to work? I’ve placed it on both regular ground and an exposed iron vein assuming I might just have to wait some time for it to fill, but I still cannot access any sort of inventory or output slot on the pump.

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