Lootable Vending Machines Mod

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GreatWhiteOwl has created a mod to switch vending machines to loot containers for added realism. The premise being that nobody is going to run around restocking vending machines every day during a zombie apocalypse, and nobody is going to put coins in the machine when they can break it open instead.

The loot in the vending machine is the same type of items you would get if you were to purchase from it in a vanilla game – canned food, drinks, and candy.

Simply install the mod (copy the folder from the zip to the Mods folder of the game) and restart the server/game. The mod modifies the existing blocks so you do not need to generate a new map or do anything special other than the restart to pick up the changes.

He has tested this on A19.1 only, and he’s pretty sure it will not work on A18 or older versions. He think it should work fine on A19.0 but he hasn’t tested it.


  • (new) He just finished creating a new version of this mod for A21 b317. He tested it a bit and it seems to work fine but he doesn’t have time right now to do exhaustive testing. He hasn’t seen any errors when loading up the game world and the previously working vending machines are showing as “jammed” and lootable. Broken vending machines are still broken and do not contain loot (same as before with previous versions of this mod). Vending machines become their broken versions once all loot is removed to help give a visual clue that they have nothing left in them and allow you to wrench down the machines for parts.
  • He has created an updated version which he tested with A20.7 and it appears to be working fine now.

DOWNLOAD for A21 (8 KB)
DOWNLOAD for A20 (4 KB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: GreatWhiteOwl

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