A21 B323 EXP + B324 Hotfix Release

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Alpha 21 Experimental B323 is out!

Here is how you can access the A21 b323 Experimental build:

  1. Right click on the game in Steam
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click the “Betas” tab
  4. The drop down menu will have latest_experimental available <— you want THAT
  5. Select that and wait for the game to download

Please look here to report bugs.

The Fun Pimps recommend starting a new savegame with b323 for the best experience. They don’t expect to break existing Experimental savegames with this build. The mod slot change will not change existing items, it only applies to newly found items.

As always, thanks for participating in Experimental!

Here is what changed since b317:



  • Dew collector creates activity heat when filling
  • Workbench and cement mixer makes activity heat when crafting
  • Workstations reset activity heat delay when moving back in time
  • House_modern_27 TIER3
  • Wilderness_filler_08
  • Wilderness_filler_11
  • Wilderness_filler_07
  • Wilderness_filler_09
  • Wilderness_filler_10
  • Diner_07 for roadside
  • Cave_07 wilderness cave
  • House_modern_28 TIER3
  • Wilderness_filler_04
  • House_construction_05
  • Added block triggers being destroyed activates it
  • Trader gate custom locked door audio
  • FPS cap so they don’t hit extreme rates


  • Ask user for confirmation before opening URLs in the browser
  • Armor crafting Tier 3 now uses the military fiber icon since Tiers 1 and 2 use cloth and leather
  • Increased vehicle transition time between max speeds
  • Increased bicycle, minibike, motorcycle and 4×4 coasting
  • Adjusted bicycle, minibike, motorcycle and 4×4 max speeds and torque and turbo now increases torque
  • Lowered bicycle, minibike, motorcycle and 4×4 reverse speed and torque
  • Disabled bicycle and minibike reverse turbo
  • Batteries now scale the crafting resources per tier to prevent exploits
  • Updated localization for Machine Gunner perks to correctly call out 7.62mm ammo
  • Adjusted mod slot counts on all tools and weapons to allow a standard linear progression between tech tiers
  • Updated Journal Tips for Traders and Vending Machines due to recent changes
  • Updated localization for Repair Kits
  • Updated loadingTipKnownSchematics to reflect recent changes to recipe unlocks
  • Updated party game stage documentation in gamestages.xml due to recent changes
  • Updated Journal Tips for On Fire due to recent changes
  • Localization.txt updated for missed Twitch commands
  • Adjusted all tool and weapon entity and block damage values to allow a standard linear progression between quality levels and tech tiers
  • Reworked various issues with quest reward probabilities that resulted in poor reward offerings
  • Removed “AllowSpawnNearBackpack” from serverconfig.xml as the option not used


  • Excessive SS reflections on blue selection zblock
  • Black block destroy particle effects
  • Block trigger issue in downtown_filler_13
  • POI : utility_substation_02 final loot room sleeper can be seen spawning in and POI :doors in final loot room triggers twice
  • Downtown_filler_13 Beverage Cooler can be accessed from the bathroom behind it
  • Downtown_filler_13 floating sleeper Vulture
  • Heavy lag for the host when a P2P client starts downloading the world
  • Pressing ESC in console closes the currently opened window in addition to the console
  • Hotkeys typed in console commands bleed to game
  • Downtown_filler_13 sleeper can be seen spawning in
  • Excessive Player spawn distance from trader
  • UI freeze when generating highways
  • Default Difficulty settings are different for SP/P2P and Dedicated servers
  • For clients on dedi switches powered by generators may not always function in non power restore quests when they should always have power
  • Workstations can be picked up while smelting or crafting items losing all materials involved when doing so
  • All left knuckle turns white when modded
  • Zombie attack can break after receiving fall damage
  • POIs overlapping in Navezgane
  • Dumping water buckets no longer allowed inside trader POIs or in a non-allied players land claim area.
  • Changing prefab properties in Prefab Editor does not add save indication asterisk
  • Arrows stick in water when atttempting to shoot submerged sleepers
  • Advanced rotation on garage doors while placing causes errors
  • Unable to dump bucket of water if any item is removed from toolbelt
  • Triggered sleeper volumes would not respawn zombies on player return
  • Prison_02 sleeper pop-in inside lobby bathroom within player’s view
  • Tier 7 difficulty custom POIs will throw IOOR exceptions when a sleeper volume is triggered
  • Zombies would not eat dead snakes

B324 Hotfix


NullReferenceException thrown on server when logging into integration without extension installed and active

Source: Official Forum Topic

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