A21.2 B26 EXP Update

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Alpha 21.2 b26 Experimental is out!

The Fun Pimps are pleased to announce the release of A21.2 b26 Experimental Patch. Their dedicated team is working tirelessly on A22, and in the near future, they will introduce another set of fixes, currently undergoing rigorous testing, to enhance your A21 experience.

Without further ado, here is what you can now test in the latest_experimental:



Checks for network data to mitigate some possible attacks


  • Updated V2, V3, and V4 commercial doors that were missing the EntityCollisionRules script so the frames are not interactable
  • Removed the legacy downgrade path for steel ladders
  • Removed the bonus wood block damage from Shotgun Slugs
  • Updated colliders on all facade shape blocks to prevent camera shake when walked on


  • “White River Supplies” stays in your inventory after dying on Permanent Death
  • Player Stats not reset on permadeath
  • Missing tag that would allow robotics to get instant kills while holding a stun baton and Physician Rank 5
  • Junkyard_01 – door was not linked to switch

Twitch Integration


  • #destroy_backpack and #destroy armor for Twitch Extras
  • Larger group spawns for Twitch Extras
  • Bit Horde groups for zombies and teleport up extra
  • It was UnBEARable to not have a horde of bears to spawn


  • Double Spawns is now an extra
  • Made all Twitch/GameEvent spawns more aggressive


  • Destroy Safe Zone can destroy bedrock blocks
  • Sub / Gift Sub kills should count to receive the bit pot
  • Extended the cooldown of the mystery supplies
  • Murder Chickens are now more murdery
  • Murder Chickens can now find you easier…
  • Forced targeting of Twitch Spawns was timing out after 30 seconds
  • Block events should not complete while the player is in the air
  • Teleport_up should not be used while you are on a vehicle

Source: Steam

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