War of the Walkers Mod

7 days to die war of the walkers mod, 7 days to die overhaul mods

Dwallorde made this mod by himself on the side from his full time job. He will update it as much and as often as he can or at least keep everyone posted on progress.

Dwallorde would also like to thank the community for a lot of great ideas and mods as they have given him inspiration to make his own.



  • Farming – Grow Wheat, Apple, Strawberry, Cocoa, Carrot, Cucumber, Leek, Lettuce, Melon, Onion, Pepper, Tomato and Blackberry Crops
  • Schematics – New schematics to find to learn how to craft new recipes
  • Buffs – New and modified buffs
  • Fishing – Craft your own Fishing Rod and catch some fish in any water body
  • Ores – Tungsten, Copper, and Zinc Ores
  • HUD – Featuring SMX UI Mod
  • Biomes – Updated Biomes and new resource pile prefabs as well as Random Crate POI to find in the wild
  • Health Items – New items such as the Trauma First Aid Kits, Bandages, Vitamins, Leg Booster Shots and more
  • Food Items – New Food items such as Meat Pies, Bread, Pies, plus more. Animals either have Raw White Meat or Raw Red Meat
  • Drink Items – New Drink items such as Mossy Brew, Green Tea, Apple Juice, plus more
  • Prefabs – Several new prefabs that you can explore
  • Traders – Modified trader locations that feature 2 new traders, one specializing in schematics and the other quests and reward papers
  • Class Stores – Featuring 2 regular traders and the 2 new traders with all the class vending machines for buying goods
  • Fire – Fire elements added to game. Flammable objects like wood blocks can catch fire and burn. Fire Extinguisher and Flame Thrower included. Fire enemies that can start fires


  • NPC Mod – Amazing NPC mod added that has followers, bandits, zombies and more! (A20 Only)
  • Followers – You can hire NPCs to follow you around and cover your back, patrol, guard etc. (A20 Only)
  • Zombie Hordes – All Screamer, Sleeper and Blood Moon Zombie Hordes now feature new zombies
  • Bandits – NPC’s that will attack you on site. Will also attack zombies, survivors and wildlife. Mainly found in harder biomes such as snow and wasteland.
  • Survivors – NPC’s that will only attack you if you attack first. Will attack zombies, bandits and wildlife. Some can be hired as followers (A20 only)

Loot and Perks

  • Loot – Many new items found in loot, zombies, loot containers as well as traders
  • Skills and Perks – Several new skills to learn with a revamped skill menu
  • Classes – 5 classes that you can learn in game through quests. Each has exclusive recipes and items. All classes can be obtained
  • 8 New Treasure Quests
  • 101+ New Challenge Quests – 115+ Total In Game
  • Reward Cards – These cards can reward you with either experience points, skill points or even provide a buff for 20%/30% bonus xp. Can be obtained at traders or in special loot crates
  • Traders – New specialized traders in modded trader locations (These locations are obvious when you see them as they have a different look than vanilla trader locations)

Items and Blocks

  • Armor – Full sets of Kevlar, Silver and Tungsten Armor
  • Clothing – New Cold and Warm Weather clothing
  • Blocks – Tungsten Blocks, More shape variations for concrete/rebar blocks
  • Flares – Spawns Specialized Loot Crates. These are found in special loot crates
  • Tools – Full sets of Scrap Iron Tools, Tungsten Tools and Diamond Tipped Tools. Also Steel and Tungsten Augers/Chainsaws
  • Guns – M1911 and MK23 handguns, Remington870 and USAS12 shotguns, FNScar and SVD Dragunov rifles, UMP45 and P90 machine guns, plus more!
  • Melee Weapons – Tungsten Club, Steel and Tungsten Machetes, Gold Tipped Knives and Machetes + Swords and Maces
  • New Ammo – 45ACP, 20G Shotgun Shells, 5.56mm, and 5.7mm bullets. All with HP and AP variants.


  • Armor Smithing Station – For crafting advanced armor such as kevlar, tungsten and silver
  • Blueprint Station – For crafting schematic loot crates that you place and will spawn random schematics
  • Gun Smithing Station – For crafting all vanilla and mod guns
  • Mortar and Pestle – For crafting seed recipes and more
  • Oil Production Block – A workstation that produces oil over time
  • Forge – Vanilla forge but only for standard iron metal recipes
  • Stone Forge – For crafting stone based recipes like cement
  • Ammo Forge – For crafting ammo based recipes such as bullet tips and casings
  • Tungsten Forge – Has regular forge recipes as well as the capability of smelting tungsten. Works better than regular forge
  • Tool Workbench – For crafting advanced tools
  • Builders Workbench – For crafting rebar, iron frames and tungsten frames
  • Screamer Block – Light this up to attract screamers really fast
  • Coffee Maker – For crafting hot beverages
  • Microwave – For crafting soups
  • Player Oven – For crafting campfire recipes plus several other exclusive recipes
  • Food Processing Table – For crafting/prepping food recipes
  • Brewery Station – For crafting alcoholic beverages
  • Fabrication Station – For crafting decorative type blocks
  • Ammo Workbench – For crafting ammo
  • Mechanic Bench – For crafting advanced vehicles

Included Mods

Special Thanks

  • To Sirillion for the SMX UI Mod
  • To Sphereii for his Mod Launcher
  • To ZTENSITY for his patches and UBBI Mod
  • To Xyth for his Creature Pack Mods
  • To NerdScurvy for his doors+windows and toys Mod
  • To The 7 Days to Die Community

When reporting bugs please try and post with your output log file located in your install location under the “7DaysToDie_Data” Folder. (Please use the support link for bug reports.)

New save game required when installing mod for first time! Do not use a save game from any vanilla game, older version of mod or another mod.

7 days to die war of the walkers mod additional screenshot

If you are interested in renting a server with Dwallorde’s mod, he would suggest using BlueFang Solutions. They offer good rates with excellent customer service. The servers they use have DDOS Protection and are reliable. You have full control over your server uptime, restarts, settings, etc. They do even support mods. Which can be done through FTP access or through their customer support system. They have direct contact with him in case of any issues so that we can work together to provide you with reliable server! So if you are interested in starting a server, please use this link. Using this link will help support him with a portion of all sales will be credited to him. The money will help him in real life pay bills and rent.



Should be save game safe from V21.2.2.6.

  • Disabled Christmas Event 2023
  • Fixed Player getting wrong starter quest on respawn when playing with death penalty option that resets player data
  • Updated Lockpicking Loading Screen Tip
  • Updated Cabin of Screams POI by Muscip
  • Reworked Flare game event system that spawns the crate (Still needs testing on MP games)
  • Updated Score to V21.2.47.1657
  • Added NPC Companion Screen item that can be crafted and used to open up a window that will control followers
  • Updated IDCore to V2.4.1
  • Updated SMXCore to V21.2.30.1
  • Updated NPCCore to V21.1.0.18
  • Added localization to Quest Sorting items


Should be save game safe from V21.2.2.5.

  • Updated Dwalls Maze Prefab (Requires new game/map)
  • Fixed Workstation Tools for Advanced Dew Collector and Oil Pump not tagged under Tools Category
  • Fixed Missing Fountain Display file for Sprinkler head and Fert Crop Water effects
  • Improved Treasure Quests loot
  • Improved Hazmat Zombie loot
  • Fixed Exit Sign in Dwalls Dishong Tower
  • Fixed Zombie Santa not spawning/Nul Ref Erros
  • Updated Score to V21.2.27.1542
  • The Updated Score Version has fix for fires not being extinguishable on MP Games
  • Updated NPCCore to V21.1.0.16
  • Fixed HD Auto/Shotgun Turret Offset value (Thanks to Stormie_Knight)
  • Fixed Flares causing fires again (Should be fixed…)
  • Flares now have own Nav Icon and no longer use the air drop icon


Should be save game safe from V21.1.2.4.

  • Updated with support for A21.2
  • Fixed Type in Whirlwind Perk
  • Fixed USAS-12 damage was too weak (Thanks to Stormie_Knight)
  • Increased Diamonds, Gold and Silver from ore nodes
  • Updated Score to V21.2.1.1646
  • Updated IDCore to V2.3.0
  • Updated SMX to V21.2.30.0
  • Updated Adventure Quest to V2.1.1
  • Added Discord, Donation and Twitter links to Mod Launcher
  • Removed Fan Boat and Jet Ski parts from Loot and Trader
  • Updated NPCore to V21.1.0.15
  • Added OCB Stop Fuel Waste Modlet (Auto turns off workstation fuel once que is complete)
  • Updated Cabin of Screams again thanks to Muscip
  • Added New Zombie Santa Model (Some known issues with bleeding textures, will update later)
  • Added Zombie Santa to Wandering Hordes
  • Added Zombie Reindeer
  • Fixed Stack of Gas recipe requiring 10k instead of 5k gas

NOTE A21.2 Required for this update! This update will not work on A21.1 or older.

Alpha 21 Versions
DOWNLOAD Experimental Branch (Base Mod) for A21 (3,6 GB)
DOWNLOAD Stable Branch (Base Mod) for A21 (3,6 GB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD Experimental Branch (Base Mod) for A20 (3,3 GB)
DOWNLOAD Stable Branch (Base Mod) for A20 (3,3 GB)
DOWNLOAD Stable Branch (Base Mod: NO SMX) for A20 (3,3 GB)

If you appreciate Dwallorde’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Dwallorde

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82 thoughts on “War of the Walkers Mod

  1. I accidentally deleted the quest of Tradesman. How do I get it back to improve this class?
    Я случайно удалил задание. Как мне его вернуть чтобы повысить этот класс?

  2. I moved all other mods to another folder outside of 7d2d but I still can’t get WotW to work. I just can’t loot anything be it cars, bags or chests. No prompt even pops up. Does anyone have a fix for this?

  3. Games loads and plays well. There are a few yellow lines when loading the game. If they are important to the games progress I have no idea. First time playing this mod. It looks good so far.

  4. I have been trying to get a game started for over an hour.I generated a random map but the game is still trying to load in all the chunks. what the heck is causing it to take so long?
    at 64 min its still loading UI

    1. IDCcore/IDC v2 – needs to be fixed.

      In the command prompt multiple errors pop up as a result due to this not working, and it’s leaving the game stuck on “loading UI’.

  5. Is there anyway to play this without the current UI . it really puts a strain on my eyes and can only play for 30 minutes at a time before getting a headache . The UI is beautiful just makes me woozy and nauseous for some reason. Would like to play this with vanilla UI or aurora giggle fairy UI. Thanks in advance for your time on this.

  6. Just saw it was added to Alpha 21 in the mod launcher. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to generate a map with any traders. Glad to see it hit 21 though.

  7. Thanks for all the hard work! Any plans on adding class or perk benefits for bow/crossbow? Was leaving them out an oversight or intentional?

  8. 2nd question is there a way to stop the chicks from speaking lol they talk too much. And the mp5 guy always going.. under attack.. and stuff. i found volume =1 changed it to 0 but they still talk. channel mouth or voice or what ever.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Wish I knew where to edit to make the soldiers not disappear when you got in your jeep or bike. I had 5 npcs down at my make shift horde base and they stayed there i used them to help me fight the blood moon horde and for 5 blood moons there were fine. I finally got my base to where i wanted and moved them home and set them in place and left and came back to them all gone. they never went into the traders. So i was thinking if there was a way to maybe disable them vanishing when you jump in your car? This might keep them from never coming back? I dont mind if they have to jump follow me down the road I just get tired of finding new ones and have them go awol.

  10. Does anyone know how to just strip all the farming aspects of this mod and make a stand alone? I really love farming on my games and thats all I really wanted from this mod. Anyone?

  11. Is their a recommended system requirement for this mod? I have an i7 and 3050ti, but the game with the mod loaded runs like a freaking potato, even on “Lowest” graphics. Constant hitches, lag spikes, low frame rates, etc. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Sometimes the npc’s bug out near the traders and get stuck. Even when I re-log theyre still stuck, only once has one become unstuck only for it to get stuck again in a random location shortly after.
    Is there a way for me to fix this or is it a mod issue?

  13. Love the mod played single player for the past couple weeks. I recently tried putting it on a server for my buddies and i to play but it wont load keeps popping up a bunch of errors. anyone else get this mod to work on a server?

  14. So at the loading screen i’m getting a bunch of errors and then the game crashes. Does anyone know how to fix???

  15. Everytime I go to startup a new game w/ the WOTW mod, I get nonstop errors in my console (POI’s not loading (red text), items.xml cant load (yellow text), & when the game finally is about to start, I get spammed with NullExceptionError nonstop. This is the only thing im running (all of the modlets that came with this download) & I just cant get past it, let alone start the in-gameplay

      1. This is exactly where I’m at. It’s a huge list of unfound references to the SCore and other xmi (I think that’s what it said) materials and then it eventually hits an infinite loop that’ll force the game to crash. But it certainly seems like things are missing.

        I’m looking forward to trying this mod, though. Hope this gets addressed.

  16. I dont know if it’s just me but theres seems to he an unreasonable amount of ani al spawns in a hour long play session I encountered 4 buzzards 5 snakes 8 wolves 3 bears 2 coyotes like 12 bunny’s and 10 deer

  17. hi,
    thank you for this mod. only one problem, the players tab does not work so no follow-up for the multiplayer… any solution?

  18. I was able to get the modded game running with the launcher for single player but I cannot get it running on my gportal server after activating the mod and trying to fresh gen the world. Any tips?

  19. Everything is working for me except for the fact that zombies can’t walk. Followers teleport to me instead of walking to me.

    1. Fixed it. Looks like it was a conflict when mixing all mods together. Just went with the individual versions and now it works.

  20. So finally got the stable version for A20. Still have the “No Trader” issue. Is it just the quest line or is there rly no traders with this issue? I go into debug and fly about and I’m not seeing any close by at least like you normally would. Any advice??

  21. Does anyone know if you can change to max lvl from 300 to high in this mod by chance, and if so how or is there a mod that has to be added to do so thanks.

  22. Nice to meet you !
    I’m a 7 days to die player in South Korea.
    I’ve enjoyed playing the mod you made for years .
    First I want to say thank you 🙂

    There are some problems with the current version !
    1. After boarding the ‘Hind Helicopter’, the character becomes very small and can’t be played
    2. When an NPC dies, all of the NPC’s items are lost

    Thanks for reading.
    P.S. Korean users playing your good mod.

  23. The action skills one seems bugged, if i logged out, sometimes when i logged back in they got reset to 0 again, any idea why?

  24. Loaded using mod installer and the only things that seem to be available are the SMX UI elements and the NPC mod. None of the quests, items or new traders/weapons are showing up even in creative.

  25. im really dissapointed the mod was updated yesterday but i am still unable to play it as every time i try to load it all i get is alot of red errors appear then it crashes i have used other mods and had no problem and i also have no problem playing vanilla

    1. That is because you are loading the game using steam or 7DaysToDie_EAC this file. Its in the instructions but you cannot use EAC. you have to load the game from 7DaysToDie.exe

  26. Sadly, when loading into a game. It gets to ‘Loading Player’ then the text disappears and all that is there is the red lines. Then the game freezes and I have to force close it and it almost crashes Microsoft. I’m even using 19.6 Stable and put it in the folder it needed to go to.

  27. Hey guys, i want to run this mod on my server and i really dont know how to do it… i know how to do it on my PC… but here i miss the folder “7daystodieServer_data”

    Maybe you have a little guide for me?


  28. Anyone can tell me how to make a Bird nest i have the skills unlocked but wont let me craft it im so confused.


  29. why wont the mod work i put into my folder for 7days to die mods and extracted it in the file but its not loading the mod up

  30. I have several textures missing, i see many objetc in low quality, i dont know why..
    My graphics are in high setting

  31. I have a server on G-Portal and trying to run the War of the Walkers mod on it. But only see the following mods on G-Portal list… Any way to get other mods to show up on the installation list besides these four?
    – Allocs Server fix & Admin Map (Newest Version)
    – ServerTools (Newest Version)
    – ExcitusXtremeV4 (only v19.x)
    – Darkness Falls Server (v19.X)


    1. Not sure if you have figured this out or not but I have gportal too and love War of the Walkers. You have to upload the zip file to the root directory using FTP. Then contact Gportal to install it for you. Then download the mod to your computer and load the game using 7DaysToDie.exe not the EAC one.

  32. Been playing a build of this on a personal server with some friends through the mod launcher. version 8.0.7 Stable.

    Noticed a couple of major issues:
    (1) all the added mod armor has critical defence % as +%, but the vanilla armor has -%. So it adds 0 to your critical defence.
    (2) All of the items to “wrench” cars apart except for the vanilla wrench work like using a pick on the car rather than a wrench, although they have the correct animations. So you almost never get springs, engines or batteries, etc.

  33. I’m so sad theres noway to change the inventory few back to the default, this is a fantastic mod thats ruined by an Inventory/crafting interface. Just one look in the trader at the hard to read costs/ mixed items is dreadfull. Will not be returning to WOTW until there is an option to sort this.

  34. I’d *LOVE* to see this updated for A19. 🙂
    I think WotW “feels the coolest” when playing. I’m not sure why, but I just get more immersed in it for some reason…it’s a GREAT mod and highly under-rated.

    WotW for A19! 😀

  35. Anyone else having the perk description not working? Most of them have text but there are some that simple say for example: perkDeadeyeRank3Long2Desc. Anyway to fix this?

  36. Hmm, the Tool and Die Set and Calipers seem to be broken in A18 & v7 of the mod – likely because they have been removed from a18. However, as the graphics are still there, I used the console to add the two items to my inven, and then put them into the gun smithing station and ammo workbench. This did however not work, and I am unable to craft all the weapons and some of the ammo. Anyone have a work around, or idea to fix it?

  37. I cannot get this mod to run right. I have unzipped the file and put the master folder in my mod folder for 7 days and the mod doesn’t load. I’ve then taken all the folders out of the master and put them into the mod folder and I get the correct splash screen, but then when I try to start a game it tells me a bunch of files are missing. Where do I need to put which folders to make it run properly?

    1. Same for me with Alpha 20.7 Stable in April 2023, I thought it was because I was using a “junction” (Windows version of a sym link) to point %appdata%\7DaysToDie\Mods on my C drive to D where I have more free space. However, I get the same missing-files errors when copying all the files to the Mods directory on the C drive. After all the load errors, it goes into a loop “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

      I used the %appdata% location based on the Alpha 20.4 b42 note in the “How to Install Mods” page… will try moving them to the game directory instead… nope… same errors.

      Finally, created a Discord account and found in the #mod-installation topic that you need to run the game with EAC OFF!

      1. оууууу мы прям с тобой в одну ночь сидели. У меня игра не загружается дальше создания персонажа. У тебя было такое?

  38. Before i added the mod my game was running perfect,after i added the mod the game closes in max 2 minutes of gameplay.Any advise how can i make it stop closing?

  39. I would like to see this update and mod on PS4 players have been waiting for the latest update for along time and we as PS4 7 days to die fans have been patient and waiting for an update of the game. And as we wait. We keep playing the game and hope to see an up date soon as possible. Please and Thank you. A 7 days to die fan.

      1. Yeah PS4 isnt getting any updates. Spend at least 1K on a decent pc and another $30 on the same game so you can play it with the new update

          1. lmao not every one have a rich daddy to buy them both a console and a gaming pc kiddo.

    1. Update Support for PS4 version of the game was cancelled because they dont have developers for that. Thats the reason why i swappen on pc playing

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