Reset Skills on Death

7dtd reset skills on death, 7 days to die perks, 7 days to die books

On death, this 7 Days to Die mod will reset (not remove) skill points, and remove all books read. It implements this by triggering the same effect used by Grandpa’s Forgetting Elixir.

It is also designed to be used with dead is mostly dead play styles. In this play style, when players die, they restart as new characters. Unlike permadeath or dead is dead, they spawn into the same world in which they died.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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One thought on “Reset Skills on Death

  1. This is an awesome mod! Thank you for sharing it here.

    Do you think you can also release a version that does the following?

    – Reset perks only (not books) then remove 20% of total perk points
    – Clear the map (like when you first start a character)
    – Clear the respawn location so that the character will spawn randomly somewhere else, even if they build a bed at their base.

    This will allow for some persistent progression, but still be punishing upon death.

    – A player will loose 20% of total perks earned each time they die.
    – A player will need to memorize the game landscape, since the map will be set to black again upon death.

    I have the no sleeping bags/beds mod. I commented out the beds part because I like to be able to build a bed in my base for decoration. But I would love if my character would still respawn randomly in the world upon death.

    And losing 20% of the total perks learned each time would balance the benefit having access to your previous base and vehicle still.

    I wonder how it would be fixed that a player loses 20% of the perks, and reaches max level? Maybe the character can be reduced in level somewhat each death? That way he can always earn those missing perks back eventually.

    Are you interested in making a version of your cool Alpha 18 mod like this? Is this even possible?

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