JaWoodle Renaming Patch

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The JaWoodle Renaming Patch is a renaming mod that changes vanilla creatures, vanilla zombies and other names when using a health bar such as Sirillion’s SMX Series and it’s optional Target Health Bar mod or KonradSB’s Hit Bar Health Bar. bananaHAVOK personally have tested it with Khaine’s HP Bars mod and it seems to work fine with it.

With the help of Ztensity and from inspiration of Ztensity’s Vanilla Creature Renaming, this mod overwrites names to fit the theme of JaWoodle’s naming scheme on YouTube.


This mod is designed for Alpha 21, keeping in mind all changes made by Fun Pimps.

You will require a health bar mod in order for this mod to have an effect on your game, otherwise you simply won’t see the changes. You will have to pick one of the health bars available from mod authors like Sirillion, KonradSB of Khaine.


Credit is due to the absolute legend that is Ztensity for his help with creating a new mod file. This is designed for personal use by him with permission to release as a standalone mod.

Thank you to The Fun Pimps for continuing to update 7 Days to Die and making very good improvements and additions to Alpha 21!


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: bananaHAVOK

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