Bdub’s Vehicles

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A collection of Bdubyah’s vehicles. Adds all of his vehicles into one mod. Now for A21.

Box Truck, BRDM-2, Buggy, Charger, Cruiser, Dirt Bike, Duster, GNX, Golf Cart, Hot Rods, Humvee, Junker, LMTV, Marauder, MD 500, MRAP, Nova, Old Semi, Pickup, Rat Bike, SHERP, Stallion, UAZ-452, UH-60, Willy Jeep and Work Truck.

All mods that add new assets must be installed on server and client!

You are not allowed to redistribute Bdubyah’s mods without permission. This includes any assets from a mod, or the entire mod itself.

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Some Mods in the Collection


  • (new) Fixes for vehicle changes made in b323.
  • Bdub’s Vehicles has been upated for A21E!

Alpha 21 Version
DOWNLOAD Bdub’s Vehicles for A21 (219,6 MB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD Bdub’s Vehicles for A20 (183,6 MB)
DOWNLOAD Japanese Localization for A20 (6 KB)

If you appreciate Bdubyah’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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64 thoughts on “Bdub’s Vehicles

  1. Hi, I have downloaded and undownloaded the mod multiple times and I seems to not want to work. I keep getting the error message saying it doesn’t have the modinfo.xml file. Is there something I am doing wrong on here? I have seen this mod used by multiple youtubers so I know it works but it is not working for me.

  2. There a way to make the murader not be so loud? Since it uses the 4×4 sound it gets so loud it pierces my ears and seams to get twice as higher in volume.

  3. Please update for b324, the vehicles do not have power from version b323 to b324. Something happened in that update that messed this mod up power wise.

  4. Please if at all possible update this mod for Alpha 21. the vehicles are all slow and for one who spent 320 forged steel and waited 70+ minutes to craft a Humvee it’s very disheartening to get a military truck that travels slower then the horde chasing it.

  5. most cars are to slow now in A21 to even go up a hill, I got passed up by a random person on a bike. is there anyway to adjust speeds to make them a bit faster, in A20 they seemed much faster.

  6. I was wondering, does this mod require another mod to work? i have this mod, but i cant craft any of the cars o.O i cant find them or nothing! 🙁 help? 🙂

    1. I just found the problem, inside the original mod folder, there is another folder with the files, remove this folder and paste it directly into the Mods folder

    1. I placed the updated mod on my server as I have in the past and the vehicles have no power. It needs to be adjusted for b324 so the vehicles can move like the regular vehicles that come in the vanilla version of the game, please!

  7. Quick Question about the trader. Do i need to pull that prefab file out and put it in the data folder? and will it generate the trader on an exsisting save? i’m assuming not, and will need to be a new save for that, which is fine. Just really want the Heli’s, the gyros are terrible.

  8. Thanks for the Update! Would love to see a return of Snufkin’s Jet Pack some day. That was one of my favorites. It throws an ‘attribute not found error’ now.

  9. Hi, the mod works great and I’m using it in a server together with other friends, I would like to know if it is normal that only the driver hears the audio of the vehicles and if it can be solved, thank you very much!

  10. I made a POI (for use on my own personal server) that used some of the military vehicles from this mod (UH-60, MRAP, and both versions of Humvee and Jeep). I was using them to decorate a military base, but once I cleared the base and set it up as the base of operations I wanted to clear out the vehicles. The Humvees and MRAP I was able to clear (though they dropped the decoration block), however the Jeeps and UH-60 will not clear. I even went into Dev mode and got the dev terrain gun, and it will not clear them. Looking in the XML files I don’t see any real difference between the ones that work and those that don’t. Any suggestions?

  11. i can’t even use this mod for some reason ??? nothing is loading when loading up a new or old world . i do have other mods

    1. So I had the same issue and the fix actually came from Balthazod earlier in the comments. The download has 2 different folders, one inside the other. The folder listed as “Mods—A20-main-Bdubs Vehicles” does not go into the 7D2D mod directory, only the “Bdubs Vehicles” goes in. Hope that helps

  12. Driver of LMTV is sitting not inside, he is behind sitting on the Military Box with his Hands to the right, looks weird & not good, is this intended to be?

  13. @CHX I could not get it to work you have to only extract the second directory into the 7DTD mods dir not the whole download.

  14. Mod doesnt work for me, can somebody do maybe a tutorial for it how to install the mod? The cars are not appears …..

    1. I had issues with this mod too. The vehicles cause sound error codes and after relogging, leaving the game and coming back, the vehicles turn invisible and cant be interacted with. They still appear on map and compass but nothing where the icons are.

  15. as soon as we drop a vehicle into the map we have lots of error codes, I tested with the Old Semi, then the SHERP, then the Humvee and always the same error codes. Object reference not set to an istance of an object

  16. How can I speed up the vehicles as I have a mod that makes all the default vehicles way faster than the modded ones so there isn’t really a point to use them

  17. Tried everything to make this mod work. Needs better install instructions. Just get errors on client when trying to join game. All files installed as stated, mod in the mods folder, prefabs in the prefabs folder.. just errors every time. Been installing mods with zero problems for years. As far as I can tell this mod doesn’t work.

    1. It is compatible with almost all mods, unless the mod you’re trying to use with it already has models/items/entities/vehicles that are the same name, otherwise it will give you an error.

    1. It is impossible to make server side because it requires assets/resources, which requires you to download the models that go into it

  18. So far so good. Day 1 the zombies decided to flip my work truck and run away and hide. Those silly prankster zombies. No worries. When you put you dye on the vehicles it only shows up when the vehicle is in your bag or a box, not when it is on the road but it’s ok. This still helps us to tell which is which so we don’t accidentally take off with someone else’s Hostess trucks. You never know how many twinkies they had in the back. Everyone is going to have to have this installed to play on your server otherwise they will get a stream of error codes trying to log in. Other than that, it’s awesome. I love my golf cart.

  19. Bonjour,
    Les helico ne fonctionne pas sur alfa19
    On peut les fabriquer mais au moment de les poser il y a plein de messages d’erreur et sa plante le serveur.
    Merci de nous faire une ptit maj sur alpha 19

    1. fonctionne parfaitement le problème est de votre coté nous somme sur alpha 19 et tout marche a merveille

  20. is there support for this? Forum site cannot be found and many of these vehicles are not working for me. Some (brdm-2) error out upon trying to place them and require the entire client to be restarted.

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