Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot With/Without Food & Water Bar on HUD)

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Bigger Backpack mod for 7 Days to Die. 60 and 96 slot versions, both with or without food and water bar on the HUD depending on what you prefer. Both have different unlocked/locked slots so pack mule will still work to unlock everything.

60 slot: 40 unlocked/20 locked.
96 slot: 61 unlocked/25 locked.

Make a Mods folder in your 7 Days to Die directory and unzip the file into there (should be KHA60-BBM/KHA96-BBM or some variation thereof for the folder name.)

XML Only Mod (can be installed on servers with no client download).


Fix for 96 slot backpack overlapping cell nonsense provided by Ardyey.

Alpha 20 Versions
Download 60 slot backpack mod for A20
Download 96 slot backpack mod for A20
Alpha 19 Versions
Download 60 slot backpack mod for A19
Download 60 slot backpack mod with food and water bar on HUD for A19
Download 96 slot backpack mod for A19
Download 96 slot backpack mod with food and water bar on HUD for A19

If you appreciate KhaineGB’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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15 thoughts on “Bigger Backpack Mod (60/96 Slot With/Without Food & Water Bar on HUD)

  1. Not working. tried both versions for A19, neither work. The stash mod Khaine made for A19 works fine, but the larger backpacks are going to need a little tweaking it seems.

  2. to : Avengaurd

    This mod works perfectly on alpha 18.3 alpha 18.4 and alpha 19 !!!!!!

    And i used it on PUBLIC SERVER too without any problems !!!!!!

  3. hey, with alpha 19.1, some friends and i got the “empty string” error if you want so sellect slot 9 or 10, which were addet with that update.

    1. I am having the same issue. I went through my entre mod list and only this one causes the issue. Sadly I suspect somewhere this wonderful mod and the toolbelt update conflicts.

  4. Just installed this mod, the 60 slot backpack with food/water bars, put into my servers mod file but mod isn’t working am i missing something?

  5. Mod works great in a19 (as intended) would love a “lock” or “favourite” button to lock items in place though

    anyways, works “ok” in A20 but the grid is misaligned with the mouse for whatever reason. thanks for a great mod and i hope your still playing and modding 🙂

  6. I have an issue in A20 where stack number font size or item quality number font size are too small! And I can’t fix it just by changing the font size somebody help…

  7. got a problem playing this mod in solo & when i go into god mode it should unlock all but it doesn’t it does the opposite & locks even more space. However when not in god mode its normal.i would show you a picture of it but no clue how to add it here.BTW i’m using A20 version

  8. This mod only works temporarily in solo play. You can shift-click upto the standard 45 slots, anything after that is manual only. Also, if you log out, you will lose anything in 46-60 due to the game desgined for a 45 slot backpack.

  9. Okay, so tried again on a new game, and it seems to be working fine. Not sure if this a problem specifically with Navezgane (the original save file) or just because that save file was pre-existing before adding this add-o

    Checked again with a new Navezgane world – looks like this problem only occurs for pre-exisitng save files. Please add a not that this mod is only compatiable for new games.

  10. The UI for the backpack worked, but its saying inventory full with like 40 slots still available & it won’t let me re-organize my items into their stacks. I have 4 radiators that I put in 4 different slots but when I go to auto-sort my backpack, they stay in their same slots. Not sure why this is the 1st backpack mod I’ve ever had this issue with

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