Vehicle Cruise Control

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This new client-side module adds Cruise Control to all vehicles including the bicycle and gyrocopter. No more having to keep the Accelerate button pressed!

Pressing Q once whilst in a vehicle will put it into Cruise Control and will continue forwards at full speed hands free!

To exit cruise control press Q, Brake or Accelerate.

Tested and confirmed working in SP, MP and with Dedicated servers. This is an dll mod and hence needs EAC disabled as per any dll mods.

Updated with new 3 stage cruise – Off, Slow and Sprint. Also added new visual indicator. To cycle through the 3 stages just Press the Q button Off > Slow > Sprint > Off …

7 days to die vehicle cruise control additional screenshot 1

7 days to die vehicle cruise control additional screenshot 2

7 days to die vehicle cruise control additional screenshot 3


Confirmed working with A21.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: w00kien00kie

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15 thoughts on “Vehicle Cruise Control

  1. Any chance you could make a “cruise control” for walking/running? Your mod is a life-saver for my carpal tunnel. Having it for that too would be wonderful!

  2. can the CC icon be smaller? It’s too large. I cannot get this mod to work on anything but a truck. Motorcycle doesn’t work with this mod. The cruise control icon also does not show the 3 stages of speed.

  3. In my GameSir Controller, I mapped the Q to Up directional pad (Regular Press). VCC works perfectly just as described here while flying my Gyrocopter, what a relief. It takes quite a while to cover ground in a 10k map, and this cruise control works just fine which reduces wear on the controller. Thank you !
    My Steam template for Controller is – Gyrocopter Down Pitch – works perfectly (3500 hours).

  4. What would happen if you are playing in debug mode? Q toggles god mode on and off. Is there any way to rebind the cruise control key?

    1. Steam allows Community Overlays which take care of these issues. Mine is “Gyrocopter Down Pitch”, it has all proper mapping already. Steam also allows any reconfiguring of your current controller overlay, it’s really easy to change a button to it’s new keyboard function.

    2. debug mode is such an edge scenario its not something im going to worry about. Do you really need Cruise Control in debug mode? Adding rebinding of key binds is not something im going to do atm.

      1. unless you updated this yesterday, this mod simply does not work. The cruise icon is always grey regardless of how many times you press q. I managed to get the speed working on the gyro but not for the bikes. Even when working on the gyro, the CC icon is always grey and nothing changes it, no matter what key you press.

        1. Fixed my own problem. I figured it wouldn’t need to be installed on the client and just on the server. I was wrong. Once I installed it on the client it worked perfectly.

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