Aeyos’s Landscaping Experience

7 days to die aeyos's landscaping experience, 7 days to die mining

This mod simply rebalances some values around the ground voxels like grass, sand, stone, snow, etc. It makes landscaping much less tiring by balancing the time you spend hiting blocks, the experience you get and the resources as well.

Here’s what changes:

  • Ground blocks (topsoil, dirt, gravel, stone, sand, sandstone, snow, destroyed rocks and asphalt) have ~1/3 of their original HP
  • Ground blocks yield ~1/3 of the resources when mining/breaking the block
  • Noteworthy: Ground that yields plant fiber now has a 33% chance to give 2 plant fibers, same as sand, 33% chance to give 2 clay
  • Ground blocks yield ~1/3 of the experience you normally get
  • Ore blocks are still the same hardness as before, so mining is unaltered – i.e. hp, exp and yield is the same
  • This makes buried supplies quests 300% more enjoyable for people who won’t spec into miner 69’r

This mod has been balanced for an enjoyable experience at 100% player block damage, but can be taken further by increasing it as you see fit.

TL;DR: Spend less time digging your moats, tunnels, leveling the ground for you mega base, etc.


If you appreciate Aeyos’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Aeyos

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