Bus Terminal POI

7 days to die bus terminal poi, 7 days to die prefab


Bus Terminal POI is a prefab i created with a bold look, and a challenge. This POI features 104 lootable containers including a T5 loot grab hidden inside. Zeds range from common, to soldiers, dogs and cops. Bring your guns and armor, as this POI will be very difficult to complete early game.


This POI has plenty of loot ranging from food, money, and gas, up to the T5 loot grab which is always a pay off. This POI would also make a good crafting base as it is built from concrete. Interactive vending machines, lots of books, and bring your wrench if you are grinding loot. Plenty of mechanical and electrical parts up for grabs here.


Bring plenty of ammo. This POI will be very difficult to clear with a stealth approach. The loot grab is locked behind steel and concrete so also keep that in mind. This POI is also abundant with lighting so if you dont have good RAM capacity it will eat your frame rate. Knock out lights as you go if you wish to improve performance. (The light posts in the front, and the street lights along the shuttle area are already valued at 1 for lighting, so knocking them out will not help much.)


Prefabs cannot be placed into a pre generated world such as Navezgane, or one of the pregen 6k 8k or 10k maps. You MUST generate your own random world. Once you generate a random world, start a new game so it loads into your saves list, and exit. Extract the 4 files from within this download, not the folder its self, and paste them here ProgramFilesx86/Steam/steamapps/common/7daystodie/data/prefabs. Paste the 4 files without their folder in here. Go to “World Editor” and load the world you just created. Press F1 and enter DM for debug mode and press enter, and then ESC to exit the menu. Find a flat area and clear any rocks, trees or boulders. Press Z to place an edit block (a 1×1 blue cube) in the empty grass area you just cleared. With the blue cube still present, press K and select Dynamic Prefabs. Once this menu populates, simply type Bus_Terminal_4 into the search bar and you will see it populate on the list. Click on it, and then press Place at the bottom of the screen. This should spawn in the building highlighted in green. Press X to rotate the building as needed to face the front of the building wherever you like. Once you are done with rotation adjustments, hold G to bring up the 3 axis tool. While still holding G, use your mouse to grab the vertical axis (up and down) and drag it down until the front of the building is flush with the ground so there is no gap. Once the building is properly placed, press ESC and then press Apply, which is right next to Place. Keep note of where you placed the POI so you dont have trouble finding it when you load back in. Press ESC again, and hit Save. Exit the world editor and load back into your game to play as normal. Approach with caution, and enjoy!


Please let me know if it works, doesnt work, how you liked it, or if you didnt enjoy it at all. This only helps me get better at creating prefabs for everyone to enjoy.

A huge thank you for downloading from The Stain Gaming. I hope to see you return for more!


Credits: The Stain Gaming

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4 thoughts on “Bus Terminal POI

    1. yes, read the “how to install” section and that will give direct steps on how to spawn this into your world.

    2. if you add it to the games prefabs there is a chance that it could populate on its own with rwg. ive never tested that, i always just give instructions on how to add it manually.

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