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  1. Hi, the mod works perfectly even in 21.2 on windows. However on my steam deck the mod fails to be recognized. Is there any way around this? Its the same for the bee hive mod too. Thanks for any help.

      1. It seems that certain mods arent recognized by linux for some reason. This mod and the bee hive one do not show up in the creative menu or when you try to craft them but work perfectly on windows. Same issue with another mod large stacks as well. Just wondered if anyone knew why or if there was a work around.

  2. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! Only problem is, I can’t seem to get it to work on my G-Portal server. Would greatly appreciate any insight you may have.

  3. not working for me i found them in creative but not producing anything. i went and accelarated time andafter 4 days nothing happens.

    1. The coop takes approximately 55 minutes of real time to go from red (growing state) to green (ready to harvest state). Once it is ready to harvest just loot it as if it were a bird nest.

      1. playing on A21 and neither the coop or the beehive is harvestable. i built them, placed them, and waited until they turned green and yellow respectively and i cannot seem to interact with them

  4. Hello, both this mod and the bee hive look like wonderful additions although I am not sure how to build either, and I cannot find them in the creative menu. Would I need a new world for these mods to appear? A21 for reference.

    1. Would like to further address the issue by saying that in singleplayer, the coop(only one I tested) does show up for crafting and in the creative menu but installed on my server it does not appear anywhere. I am not sure if it works or not(there was no accessible inventory for it, but there might not be one until it has produced). I haven’t waited long enough to test whether it works, but this is just to say it appears in singleplayer but not on my server. I also know that things take time to iron out and get working perfectly, I am just providing this information in case it helps or was not known.

      1. Thank you for letting me know, are you using this mod on A21? It shouldn’t require a new world or save game. Not sure why it wouldn’t show up in the crafting menu. It all works perfectly on my end. I installed this to my own server and nobody had any issues. Anyone can build the coop but building it has to occur at a workbench.

        1. It is Alpha 21. I have found the solution to my issue. In the logs I read that the ModInfo file was not found for both mods and so they were ignored, so I went and renamed the files from modinfo.xml to ModInfo.xml and that fixed the issue for my server and everything is working perfectly now. Love the mods!

          1. Further clarification, change the “M” and the “I” in the “modinfo” to capital letters to enable the mod on certain 3rd party hosting services.

            Thanks for the mod!

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