Not Just a Cakewalk

7 days to die not just a cakewalk

This mod sets the LCB to “zero” and removes the recipe from the game.

Given that the game mechanics only allow for a minimum of 10 blocks and no lower, this setting is more of a visual representation than the actual LCB zone size. However as the recipe is removed, they can not be crafted and the and the LCB is removed from the loadout, so land claims are not possible without admin/cheating them in, so it works out fine. And cheated in LCB will only allow for a claim size of 10 block radius in any case as the other size options have been removed 😛

Please note that if you are using another mod that changes the loadout, the “entityclasses.xml” files will likely conflict, so delete that file in this mod (it only removes the LCB from the vanilla loadout) and edit the file in the mod you are using to remove the LCB from the loadout.

This is ideal for PVP servers, but could also be used in SP if one likes a challenge.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Wyr3d

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2 thoughts on “Not Just a Cakewalk

  1. Does the mod author think that the claim block prevents zombie spawns or something? Or were they thinking of multiplayer only when they developed this? Since the lcb makes blocks in its area harder for other players to damage. It would be cooler if they modified the existing LCB to allow all members of a party to move things rather than just the LCB owner. But instead we get this strange mod.

  2. …but why? xD How is being able to pick up your workstations and shift things around once placed ‘a cakewalk’? How is having a home base ‘a cakewalk’?

    People need to explain some of these things to me. xD

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