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TLDR Mod Summary: Green Zone is a series of quests with some daunting survival and building challenges that take you through to the endgame (and beyond). GZ incorporates the excellent, highly recommended NPC Mod to make the world and story more alive. The starting quest “Whats that sound?” activates when you complete the main game’s starting “Journey to Settlement Locate Trader” quest. Download and install to your 7 Days to Die Mod folder (Not the user/Appdata/Roaming mod folder, but the SteamApps 7 Days to Die folder) the following mods, all available in the link below.

…and turn EAC off. The Green Zone quest becomes available after the “Journey to Settlement Locate Trader” quest in the main game’s starting run. Did work22 mention turn EAC off in your Game Launcher when you first load up 7 Days to Die? Turn EAC off.

If you are already midgame, you can also start the Green Zone quests by using the console command:

Givequest quest_Greenzonequestprequel

(*everything Download link being the Green Zone Quest mod, and REQUIRED 0-Score, 0-XNPCCore, 1-khzmusik_NPC_civilians, 1-RaiderszPack, 1-SoldierPack, 1-SurvivorzPack)

The latest, updated required NPC Mods are also all on this link, thanks again NPC Mod team and khzmusik.

1 minute sample Green Zone gameplay video.

Who Should Play Green Zone and Why: Many players enjoy 7 Days to Die but wish for more of a story and meaning to their survival and building efforts. GZ provides you with a storyline and quests in a more “alive” world, thanks to the NPC Mod. Quests get progressively harder. You will encounter soldiers, civilians and raiders as you try to survive and rebuild civilization for a group of desperate survivors coming from Santa Fe. You will hire local NPC survivors to join and guard your base too. He made it for his family and he to play a meaningful story based run of 7 Days to Die.

What Green Zone WILL do: Give you a simple story of 9 main quests and 3 long side quests that take you across much of the map and through to the endgame. All quests are compatible with the main game and most overhauls you may use like Rebirth. Think of it like a plugin DLC that you can progress at your own pace, on any map, while also playing the White River trader quests and other mods at the same time. You can still play the game your way. Various tutorial tips on screen display the story, and you can check your Journal Entries for any story moments you might have missed along the way.

What this does NOT do: overhaul or change the underlying fabric of your 7 Days to Die game. Nothing beyond what NPC Mod changes. Nothing from the original game is removed or deleted by GZ; the extra quests are just added on. The quests are not repeatable, but you will probably (though its not required) do many White River trader quests that are repeatable if you want. “The Duke” is not really a part of the story, as he imagine the developers will eventually release his own story. Nothing is modified, buffed or debuffed. That’s all for you to mod your way.

To manage expectations, GZ is a simple storyline given by mostly tutorial tips, so its not going to be a complex Skyrim or Mass Effect like plot superimposed on the 7 Days to Die engine. Some imagination required— as the game can’t check if you built a helipad or not, for example. You’ll have to follow through building a helipad because you want to and its part of the story.

Special Thanks to: The 7 Days Developers & staff, the NPC Mod Team, khzmusik, FuriousRamsey, RDGMods, Quinnbot, devon752, khaineGB, GaneshakW, drkstardragon, Laz Man, BFT2020, everyone on the community boards who posted and gave great advice and help. work22’s family for wanting to see the mod too. And thank God for living in modern times with such great technology to do this.


1. I’m already in the middle of a game run, can I play Green Zone Quest?

Yes, use the console command below to get the starter quest “Whats that sound?” Here is the console command:

Givequest quest_Greenzonequestprequel

That console command above will get the chain of quests rolling.

2. What mods does Green Zone require?

Yes, you need the Green Zone Quest mod, and the NPC Mod which has 0-Score, 0-XNPCCore, also need 1-khzmusik_NPC_civilians, 1-RaiderszPack, 1-SoldierPack, 1-SurvivorzPack). All included in the download link below. His Mod folder looks like this, note the GZ mods go into the steamapps Mods folder, not the User/AppData folder for mods like Compo Pack 48 goes into.

7 days to die green zone quest mod additional screenshot 2

3. I saw the initial Tutorial tip that says Welcome to the Green Zone, but I don’t see the quest starting?

Green Zone activates after you finish the game’s first “Journey to Settlement Locate Trader” quest. You should then see a quest “Whats that sound?”

4. Is Green Zone compatible with the mods I’m running?

Should be. Since GZ is just quests added on to the game without any other major changes, the game should work with your mods. As long as they can work with NPC Mod too (which seems most can). But work22 can’t speak 100% on NPC mod compatibility. He can make a “Bare bones” version of the Green Zone quest mod without NPC Mod, but he will only do that if he get enough requests. Because he does recommend the NPC Mod and enjoy it himself.

5. Do you want to see screenshots and hear about my game progress?

Yes he does! Please post your awesome Green Zone base screenshots and other key moments in the GZ forum topic. He is excited to be finished making this mod so he can play it himself too!

6. Can you play GZ on multiplayer?

He think so, but he is playing Single Player and have not tested it on multiplayer servers. But in theory it should, again because its just XML quests tacked on.

7. I can’t get it to work, and NPC Mod isn’t working?

Check to make sure EAC is toggled off to ensure NPC Mod can run. You can do this in Steam by loading 7 Days with the Game Launcher. He did not create NPC Mod, he just incorporated it into this quest mod. Also check this link for advice.

Lastly send him a screenshot and description of what happened and he’ll try to help as best he can (if he can).


Version 1.1 hopefully fixed entity groups issue.

Download (Dropbox link for Total Package with Mods required included)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: work22 and community

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