Silly Sounds

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“Silly sounds” are in effect while you use an auger or chainsaw making them a whole lot quieter.


  • If necessary, create a folder “Mods” in steamapps\common\7 Days To Die
  • Unpack ZIP into the Mods folder so that you see steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Gazz-RevolverSilencer (as an example)

Terms of Use

Go nuts. Copy or alter in any way you see fit.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Gazz

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One thought on “Silly Sounds

  1. You could mention in the description, that this mod does not just fix the silly noise levels ingame, but replaces them with silly clown sounds.

    it works multiplayer server side only, and it seems elaborated. has a little bug, when switching and “firing” or building something and then switching to auger, for the first activation the vanilla sounds are played.
    Gonna take it out anyway, its too weird.

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