Rain Collector

7 days to die rain collector, 7 days to die weather

Turns the dew collector into something more like a rain collector.


  • The dew collector fills more rapidly when it is foggy.
  • The dew collector fills much more rapidly when it is raining.
  • The dew collector will not do anything if the outside temperature is below the freezing point of water.
  • To make up for the fog and rain boost, the dew collector takes longer to fill up overall.
  • Adds the ability to increase the number of “slots” in the dew collector. The XML changes are in blocks.xml and windows.xml but are commented out. See below for instructions. Added in version

This is all configurable in the XML for the dew collector.

Technical Details

This mod contains custom C# code. It is not compatible with EAC. It must be installed on both clients and servers.

Khzmusik strongly recommend starting a new game after installing this mod.

However, if you choose to install it into an existing game, then at a minimum you should pick up and re-place existing dew collectors. (See below for the reason.)


This mod adds these properties to the dew collector block:

  • MinConvertTemperature: The minimum temperature, in degrees fahrenheit, at which the dew collector will work. The minimum temperature is set to 32, which is the freezing point of water at sea level. This means the dew collector will often stall in the snow biome.
  • FogConvertMultiplier: This a multiplier for the fog density. The mod takes the existing collection amount, multiplies it by the fog density, then by this multiplier, and adds the result to the existing collection amount. The fog density is usually in the range of 0.1 – 0.45 in the vanilla game. Clear days are usually around 0.1, foggy days are usually around 0.3, and the fog density may go up to 4.5 during heavy rains. The multiplier is set to 3, which means foggy days usually double the collection amount.
  • RainConvertMultiplier: This a multiplier for the rainfall amount. The mod takes the existing collection amount, multiplies it by the rainfall amount, then by this multiplier, and adds the result to the existing collection amount. When raining, rainfall can be in the range of 0.1 – 1 in the vanilla game. The multiplier is set to 5, which means a light rain can double the collection amount, and a heavy rain can increase it five fold.
  • IsChunkObserver: If true (the current value), this makes the dew collector a chunk observer. This will make the rain and fog calculations accurate when the player is not in the same chunk. However, this will have a minor performance impact per additional active chunk, so he made it configurable with this property. If set to false, when the player re-enters the chunk, the additional collection amount for the entire time the player was away will be calculated using only the current weather values.

All of this is configurable by changing the values. In addition, if you want to totally disable a new feature (like the minimum temperature), you can remove the relevant <property> tag.

Because the collection amounts are significantly increased during fog or rain, he also doubled the time that it takes for a dew collector to collect a jar of water.

This is done by doubling the vanilla MinConvertTime and MaxConvertTime values.

Changing the Number of “Slots”

The “slots” are the number of empty squares in the dew collector’s output grid. Each slot generates one bottle of water when filled. There are three slots in the vanilla game.

To change the number of slots, you must make two changes:

1. In blocks.xml, add the “ContainerSize” property:

<property name="ContainerSize" value="4,2" />

The value represents the number of columns, then the number of rows.

2. In XUi/windows.xml, set the columns and rows on the “windowDewCollector” grid:

<set xpath="//window[@name='windowDewCollector']/rect/grid/@cols">4</set>
<set xpath="//window[@name='windowDewCollector']/rect/grid/@rows">2</set>

These values must match! If they do not, your game will crash.

This XML is already in blocks.xml and windows.xml but is commented out. He used two rows of four columns each, but you can use any numbers you want (within reason).


Khzmusik just released another update to the Rain Collector mod. These changes should make calculations more accurate, whether or not you choose to enable chunk observers.

Changes in

  • Keeps incremental averages of weather information, per biome
    • Dew collector uses incremental averages when not in the current weather biome (if you use chunk observers), or when returning to the chunk after a long absence
    • Dew collector updates incremental averages with current weather (and uses current weather) otherwise
    • Throttling of incremental average updates for multiple dew collectors in the same biome
  • Bug fix: if otherwise enabled, removing “IsChunkObserver” (rather than setting it to “false”) did not disable chunk observers
  • Now avoids repeat initialization
  • Improved handling of the weather grace period
  • More informative logging (shown in debug mode, type “dm” in the console)

These changes have been tested on existing games, and should be save game safe (though as always, he make no guarantee). He recommend updating for a better experience.

However, the fact that it is save game safe means neither the incremental averages nor chunk observers will persist if you leave the game. In most cases this should not be noticeable at all, but it might cause a bit more/less water to be added, when you first enter the same chunk as the dew collector after starting the game.



The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Khzmusik

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