Ladder Control Mods

7 days to die ladder control mods, 7 days to die zombies

Ever thought how can zombies climb ladders? With these two different mods, zombies can’t climb ladders.

No Ladder Climb

A 7DTD mod that simply switches it so all zombies can not climb ladders. Mod tested with vanilla zombies but also works with Khelldons Bad Company Modlet and with Mumpfy’s New Zombies.

Ladder Control

Full Ladder control mod that allows you to stop certain types of zombies from climbing ladders or allow them if thats your thing. Works with vanilla zombies only at present and may need modification if The Fun Pimps add new zombies. This mod has no support for Mumpfy’s additional texture zombies or Khelldons Bad Company zombies.

Download No Ladder Climb
Download Ladder Control

The forum topic of the mods here.

Credits: Ragsy2145

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