Nerf Them All

7 days to die nerf them all

A big props to Jaxteller718 as many of his mods inspired Robeloto to make this mod.

Makes the game more challenging and takes more time to reach end game content.

You think this game is easy and you are so bored you can’t stand it? Good, check out this modlet. The name can be a bit confusing as it can also mean that the difficulty is decreased, but it is not. The ‘easy to get stuff’ is nerfed and the challenging stuff is increased. Maybe someone have an idea of a better name of this modlet? Anyway, almost everything in this modlet is nerfed to make the game much harder. This is making the early gamestage longer lasting and more challenging.

The white river citizen quest is removed and now you have to find a trader by yourself. Heat map strength for the workstations are increased. Noise heat map strength from weapons is also increased. Do not rely just on weapons, cause that will punish you… with screamers.

Farming takes now 7 hours for the crops to grow instead of 1 hour. Harvesting materials is reduced.

Safes is harder to break up. The wandering hordes is much larger. Stone tools do less damage on metal. All tools/weapons can break. Ammo damage is reduced. Pipe weapons are nerfed.

Looting is heavily nerfed and finding a wrench is almost impossible. Auger, Crucible and Steel Pickaxe/Sledgehammer is removed from loot. Better to make them yourself now as it is “supposed” to be, Quest rewards are nerfed. Robeloto only buffed up the challenge rewards cause they were way too bad. Traders does not sell as much as in the original and they restock every 2 weeks. In progression he nerfed the Sledgehammer a lot, but it is still OP, just not as much.

Robeloto has listed everything that is nerfed down below.


  • Increased heat map strength, time and frequency with about 20~% for all workstations. This will attract screamers a bit more than usual.
  • Decreased chance to get honey from tree stumps with 25%
  • Decreased all harvesting resources by 50%~
  • Farming is a lot harder now. Slowed down the crops growing rate. Default is 60, in this mod it is 250. It takes about 4 hours for the crops to grow now instead of 1h~.
  • Harder to break up safes, their durability is increased with over 300%. Makes more use of the lockpicks.
  • Get less snow when digging


  • No surface ores, except snow and wasteland with a very low chance.
  • Less Chrysantemum, Cotton, Aloe vera and Yucca plants.
  • Less grass


Get a large horde that is split up in 3 waves, each day.


  • It is not realistic with stone tools do so much damage on safes and other metal objects. Now stone tools do much less damage on metal objects, except from the sledgehammer.
  • All tools and weapons can break
  • Pipe weapons are nerfed with 1.2 entitydamage.
  • All ammo damage is reduced by about 20-25%~
  • All damage from thrown explosives/molotovs is also reduced. The molotov also only lasts for about 8 seconds, instead of the unrealistic 16 seconds.
  • Vehicles durability is reduced by a lot. Now you actually have to repair them.


  • The chests and weapons bag has less items in them.
  • Removed Auger, ImpactDriver, Ratchet, Crucible, Steel Pickaxe and Steel Sledgehammer completely from the lootcontainers. You can get auger in quests.
  • Also removed The Pickaxes from all lootcontainers, but you still can get an Iron Pickaxe from quests.
  • Treasure map loot chance reduced from a 0.09% chance to 0.02%. They should be rare to find.
  • Workstations is now much harder to find in the world.
  • Removed the wrench, ratchet, impactdriver, crucible and forge schematic from the schematictools group.
  • Wrench is removed from all the lootcontainers.
  • Treasure loot decreased by half
  • Nailgun loot chance decreased by 40%
  • Less drinks from the drinks lootgroup
  • Less water from luggage and fridges. Decreased water chance by 25%.
  • Lower chance to get water from the microwaves
  • Quest ammo reward is heavily reduced as it was way too much in original.
  • Quest thrown explosive ammo reward is also reduced. Molotov only last 8 seconds instead of 16.
  • Lowering GroupQuestTools chances from quest, Iron/Steel Pickaxe, Auger
  • Lowering GroupQuestWeaponsMelee – Iron/steel sledgehammer.
  • Lowered the Quest reward for Casino coins


  • You now need to have Advanced Engineering level 3 to be able to craft a forge, tablesaw workbench, cementmixer and various traps.
  • Unlock wrench at Salvage Operations level 3 instead of 1.
  • Club is nerfed in the perks, nerf is about 20~30%
  • Sledgehammer is nerfed in the perks again. This weapon is still OP, even with the nerf. Robeloto would say the nerf is about 40~45%.
  • Stun Baton, only nerfed it a tiny bit as it is really no way an OP weapon, but just to even it out with the sledge and club weapons.
  • MasterChef Perk is changed. Stage 1 gives you only recipes for BaconAndEggs ,BakedPotato, CornBread and CornOnTheCob. Stage 2 gives BoiledMeat, GrilledMeat, RedTea, Coffee and GoldenRodTea recipe. Stage 3 gives SteakAndPotato, BlueberryPie, MeatStew, VegetableStew, PumpkinPie, PumpkinCheesecake and PumpkinBread recipe. Stage 4 gives ShamChowder, HoboStew, FishTacos, YuccaJuiceSmoothie, ChiliDog and Beer recipe. And finally stage 5 gives GumboStew, ShepardsPie, Spaghetti, TunaFishGravyToast, GrandpasMoonshine, GrandpasAwesomeSauce and GrandpasLearningElixir recipe.
  • You will unlock Iron Pickaxe at Miner69r stage 3 instead of 1.


  • White river citizen quest is removed, so now you have to find a trader yourself without any help.
  • The Trader cannot show you the way to the next trader.
  • Tier 1 Quest Reward nerfed – Removed Bicycle, Forge, Wrench, Helmetlightschematic (Added bicycle parts).
  • Tier 2 Quest Reward nerfed – Removed Workbench
  • Tier 3 Quest Reward nerfed – Removed Darttrap, Genbank, Chemstation
  • Tier 4 Quest Reward nerfed – Removed Batterybank, Bladetrap. (Added Darttrap)
  • Tier 5 Quest Reward nerfed – Removed Autoturret, Forged Steel, Legendaryfirearms. (Added Blade trap, Generatorbank.)


  • Harder to make gunpowder. 50% more resources is needed. If it was a way to decrease the veins of coal and nitrate powder, Robeloto would have done that too.
  • Junkturret ammo now needs 5 iron instead of just 3.
  • More snow is needed to make water


  • Noise heat map strength increased on all guns. Relying too much on ammo and weapons will punish you with screamers.


  • Removed Auger, Steel pickaxe, Steel sledgehammer, Crucible, Wrench, Forged iron/steel, placeable motorvehicles and workstations. Go make them yourself as it is “supposed” to be. Do not rely on traders so much!
  • Ammo is scarce so now the traders sells much less ammo. Ammo is often considered gold in this postapocalyptic world.
  • Building materials is also reduced, like cobblestone, cement and concrete mix.
  • Traders has less items to sell and the restock day is now every 2 weeks instead of daily.
  • Less items in vending machines and they never restock, well, they do… in 999 days, but who has gone so far in game days? It is not realistic that they get restocked so often in the original.


  • Ammo damage slightly nerfed
  • Pipe weapons damage nerfed
  • Sledgehammers nerfed a bit more again

Alpha 20 Versions
Download for A20
Alpha 19 Versions
Download for A19
Download alternate versions for A19 (Check the Readme for changes. Copy these files to the default mod and overwrite them to make the changes.)

If you appreciate Robeloto’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Robeloto

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6 thoughts on “Nerf Them All

  1. Can you also create a custom inventory size mod were you can change hotbar and inventory size to big or small please or is there already a mod?

  2. Sure, don’t you want to nerf the player’s health too? Since we are attacking the zombies with a rubber band, there is a steam game that more or less does the same thing, it is called dont starve

  3. There is one other item to note. If you use the mods listed above you kill A LOT. You are going to level pretty quickly, which is both good and bad. Good because you get to spend points YAY! Who doesn’t like that? Bad because the Game Stage will advance pretty quickly. I’ve played games where I am level 15 and still haven’t found even a blunderbuss let alone an actual fire arm. We actually set experience at 75% to slow us down just a little bit, but I’ve played games at 100% exp. Play around with it and find the pace that suits your enjoyment.

  4. Note: “We start the game with the run speed for day time Zombies at walk, night timers at run. ”

    Should read:

    “We start the game with the run speed for day time Zombies at walk, night timers at SPRINT.

  5. One thing I have learned is that there are many ways to enjoy 7 Days To Die. I have some friends who never make the Zombies move faster than jog, even at night and red night. They love it. My group on the other hand enjoys a challenge. Not one that simply makes the Zombies so tough they are hard to kill but rather one that maintains that early game feeling of ‘we’re going to die!’.

    This mod does it.

    We use Nitrogen to generate our map and have no traders. None. (Sometimes we add 1 to a 16k map just to make it funny – like we ever find it). The first thing you’ll note is that food is a constant issue – especially in multi-player. Since gardens don’t grow like they are some kind of radio-active experiment, it’s an investment to build a garden with the hopes that someday it’ll be big enough, or you’ll have enough gardens, to actually produce a usable food. Like a good apocalyptic setting should. You’ll need to spec hunting to live – we’ll get to how to make that ridiculous later.

    The increased point investment in order to make work stations does put a level of difficulty in things. Especially in single player games. If you are playing solo, the stock mod may be all you need for an awesome game that will likely end up killing you.

    The alternate download that removes the skill lines Advanced Engineering and Grease Monkey. (If you are playing with no traders – which if you’ve ‘beat’ the game already, I highly recommend) You will need to loot the schematics or parts in order to build anything provided from those paths. The threat of starvation coupled with the need to really find things makes for an interesting dynamic.

    We do add a couple of other mods to Robeloto’s which I hope is OK to mention. JaxTeller has a mod that increases the wilderness Zombie spawn by either x2, x4, or x8. Of course we run the x8 one. We also use his increased wandering hoard mod. There are Zombies everywhere, all the time, and always where the rabbits and chickens spawn. (Hunting is a 2 man operation especially when the Zombies are moving at jog or higher).

    We start the game with the run speed for day time Zombies at walk, night timers at run. Set Red Night at 7 days with a 1 variance. After each red night increment the Zombies difficulty or run speed.

    We usually use this pattern as the red nights go by.

    Difficulty to 1
    Speed to Jog
    Difficulty to 2
    Difficulty to 3
    Speed to Run (Hunting is really, really hard as you are swarmed in the field. We havent’ made it past this yet but)
    Difficulty to 4
    Difficulty to 5
    Speed to Sprint
    Speed to Nightmare
    After that Red Night, the only thing we know to do is increase block damage for the Zeds.

    Since perma-death in the game isn’t a thing, we count deaths after level five (meaning dying at level 5 or lower doesn’t count against the death pool). We use a death pool of 10. And if we accumulate 10 deaths then the game is over. If we all (3 of us) have a death penalty at the same time the game is over. Abandoning the base to avoid death on red night and the game is over (you can run around it… and I have… but no riding off on your bicycle).

    Generate a new map with Nitrogen, start over.

    Note, I believe this does work best using the out of the box POIs. They have a tendency to be less ‘loot’ heavy.

    Good luck, and thank you Robeloto for this. It saved the game for my group.

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