MickkPewPew’s Server Side Zombies and Bosses

7 days to die mickkpewpew's server side zombies and bosses, 7 days to die zombies

A mod that adds 11 new zombies to your world, the harder bosses will spawn in burnt and wasteland, they are very tough but they promote teamwork to take down, no tough zombies will spawn in grass or desert as they’re for lower levels usually but feel free to add some in if you like.

This mod will continue to be updated as needed going forward, also i’ve custom animals coming out soon too 🙂

The new zombies are;

Lucifer, PyroManiac, Screamer Drowned, Screamer Banshee, Snow Freezer Boss, Shinigami, TantalusTheTaintedBoss, DemonicImp, zombieWightSightStealerMutated, zombieWightSightStealerSkinned, zombieWightSightStealerSpectral.

They’re inspired by Snufkin and Rob. Sick modders ^^


If you appreciate Mickkpewpew’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Mickkpewpew

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14 thoughts on “MickkPewPew’s Server Side Zombies and Bosses

  1. Howdy. Inside entityclasses.xml the zombieNowFreezerBoss extends snowZombie which doesn’t exist. I replaced the extends with Zombie_Template for our server and it seemed to fix the issue. So for the creator or anyone who downloads this, you may need to fix that entry in that file 🙂

    I found a lot of stuff wrong with this mod 🙁 I loaded it up as the only mod in my single player a20.6 game. I had to remove the pyro and those wights as they were throwing so many errors the game wasn’t playable if you spawned one.

    So beware if you get this you need to know enough XML to fix it if you want some of those zombies to work

    1. In items.xml you’ll see the Hand of the zombies, Entity damage is what it will do to players, and Block damage is what it will do to blocks 🙂

    2. To Adjust the hitpoints of the zombies you’ll need to go into Entityclasses.xml and on the end of each zombies code you’ll see hitpoints, you can change it there 🙂

  2. It would be the NOlegsUMA in physics.xml, if you already have a mod that has that file in it you can simply delete the physics.xml folder or rename the NoLegUMA to something else, if you do this make sure you also change it on lucifer in entity.xml, hope this helps. -PewPew

  3. I find Snufkin’s Custom Server Side Zombies – Plus also a problem. I’m looking forward to be able to use this mod with the others.

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