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DBock’s Pickups has been rebuilt from the ground up!

DBock’s Pickups now brings 6 variations of pickup trucks to the game!

In V1.2, There are now 4 different full trucks. A New Truck; A Metallic Truck; A Beater Truck; and a Dirty Truck.

It also introduces early game trucks, the Dirty Truck Frame and the Clean Truck Frame.

ALL Full trucks are now paintable with in-game custom paints.

I also added 5 new paints to the game that do not use “washed out” colors. I added a TRUE Black, so you can now have a REAL black truck. I also added Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and Lime Green. IF YOU have a color you want to see, dm me and let me know I will add it! (I may make added colors a separate mod due to the colors being able to be used for ALL items that can be customized. They also have been added to the random pool, allowing the game to give you one of my colors on loot items!)

The pickups are all crafted using a workbench and the parts to build them unlock at Grease Monkey level 4 or higher! That said, at Grease Monkey level 2, you can craft the Pickup Chassis and craft it into a single-person vehicle that can be obtained early game! No more looking like a clown on a little minibike!

7 days to die dbock's pickups additional screenshot 1

7 days to die dbock's pickups additional screenshot 2

This is my very first vehicle mod so please go easy on me but please leave honest feedback! I appreciate all of you members of the modding community! Thank you!

Shout Out to GuppyCur and his discord community. They are all VIPs in my book.

Future Plans

  • More vehicles.
  • Possible new workbench, I’m on the edge about this because my good friends with Vehicle Madness mod already adding one.
  • ANY IDEAS YOU HAVE, Hit me up! Discord: DBock#6048


Version 1.2

  • Rebuilt the mod from the ground up allowing me to remove one model and bring the overall mod size down.
  • Added 4 new versions of the Pickup Truck, Beater, New, Metallic, and Dirty.
  • Added recipes to make a Full pickup with the already crafted frames. This makes it where you don’t have to craft ANOTHER frame just to make the full truck.
  • Removed the storage from the frame truck, I mean, it’s just a truck frame after all.
  • Added detail to the driveshaft and motor on the truck frames for realism.
  • Added custom paints to the game to make a true “Black” “Blue” “Red” “Green” “Pink” along with a “Lime Green” (If you want one added DM me)
  • In the Color photo, the top row is my added colors, the bottom row is the game’s stock colors.
  • Cleaned up the XMLs.
  • Updated the Localization.

I am really proud of this new version. I hope you really enjoy it as much as I do. Shout out to all of the people in GuppyCur’s community. You guys are amazing. Thank you for downloading.

Version 1.1

  • With the great help of Ragsy, Zilox, JBear, GrumpyBeard, and GuppyCur, I was able to update all of the models to have transparent windows after FINALLY getting the seat positioning to work.
  • Also added exhaust smoke to all models.
  • Updated the engine detail for the Truck Frames

Version 1.0

Initial Release


Credits: DBock

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    1. any mod that has additional assets (aka models, etc) can not be server side only. They must be installed on both the client and the server to work in multiplayer.

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