The Village of Whiterun

7 days to die the village of whiterun, 7 days to die prefab

The Village of Whiterun is a prefab mod designed to resemble whiterun from Skyrim. This village is very skyrim-esque and decorated accordingly. This is a massive poi so i have coded it to spawn on its own in to a new rgw. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE INSTALL STEPS AND GENERATE A NEW RGW FOR THIS TO WORK PROPERLY.

This village makes a great loot run, as there are a lot of houses, including the hall of the dead and dragonsreach. The village is loaded with high tier loot, as everyone knows when you are rummaging thru villages, there is lots of food on tables and laying around. Same here. Not so heavy on the lootable containers, but LOTS of placed loot piles like food, ammo, and store crates. It also contains two T1 loot grabs, a T3 loot grab and a MASSIVE T5 loot grab, on top of lots of other loot along with it.

This village would also make a great community settlement for people who play as a group and like to stick together, or someone hosting a server also looking to stick with a group. It also has the classic market place from the original whiterun which could be used in a community of people. You could set up appointed times for everyone to go to the market and trade/barter with each other. Maybe everyone could be in charge of producing a certain group of items and on the appointed days make trade with others for what they need. Plenty of left over room for farming. You could literally build your own game in this village if you had enough people. Zeds do spawn here, in all ranges from common to soldiers and bikers. Torch lighting and street lighting are provided in the prefab.

Enjoy, and please leave feed back as it helps me to make better content for everyone to enjoy!


Extract the 4 files from this download, not the whole folder its self, only the 4 files inside the folder, copy them and place them here;


Once the 4 files are placed in this folder, restart the game and generate a random world. I would choose “Many” on wilderness pois just to make sure one spawns in, and this may even spawn in several.

Generate the world and start a new game and have fun exploring, it will be there!


Credits: The Stain Gaming

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7 thoughts on “The Village of Whiterun

  1. Having a few issues as well, first time I have run into this issue.

    POI is spawning two blocks higher than the surrounding area, even when using “CR”. As well, if I generate a map, it will not spawn in at all. I have tried 10 different maps.

  2. Very good POI 🙂
    Btw: I placed it on my “running” Map by Hand in the World Editor next to a Street (watch Video-Tuts if you need). Then i continued my Game and went to the Position where i placed the POI. First the POI was not showing up because i already discovered the Region sooner so i made a POI-Reset: I moved closely to the POI-Position, pressed F1, typed “CR”+Enter and – Simsalabim – Whiterun appeared … 🙂
    With this Method all Maps can be updated quite easy with new POIs without starting a new Game.

    1. if you spawn this into a map or server that you are hosting, it should be there for everyone when they join

    1. after generating your world, use the poi teleporter and search Skyrim_Whiterun

      i noticed when testing it came up as that, instead of The Village Of Whiterun.

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