8 thoughts on “Super Superchargers

  1. How much Speed % does it adds to vehicles ? The vanilla supercharger adds 10% speed if I remember right. I’m curious how much your mod changes this value ?
    thank you

    1. By default, the Supercharger increases normal vehicle speed by 25%, and turbo (shift) speed by 15%. In the XML, this is represented by values of 1.25 and 1.15 respectively.

      This mod changes those values to 3.0 and 3.3. So normal vehicle speed is increased 3x (300%), and turbo speed by 3.3x (330%).

      If you want to adjust these values, you can download the mod, then modify the included XML values before copying it to your Mods directory.

  2. In addition, I can say that my mod only changes “visually at a speed of 46 m / s” in fact, the transport moves in the same way as before. 100% no conflicting mods.

  3. Strange…
    I added this mod, started NEW GAME, for testing…
    There is just not that GREEN ICON that shows you can add mods to vehicles…
    Only coloring mods i can add …

    1. I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties.

      I have been running this modlet on my dedicated server for over a week. I also loaded the mod locally and started a new game. I was unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned and no users have reported a similar issue.

      Please note that this mod is only compatible with Alpha 20. The mod only modifies the values which the Supercharger mod itself modifies. I would recommend you ensure there are no other mods are conflicting for some reason.

    2. I think i figured out wheres the problem : COLLISION WITH OTHER MOD named : “Harry’s Vehicle Mods” without that mod this supercharger seems to work OK…

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