Fire Danger Mod

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This mod is dependent on 0-SCore and Guppycur’s Fire Mod. Without them it will do nothing and will likely cause some NRE’s.

What It Does

  • Adds a tracker to determine distance to and quantity of burning blocks at varying ranges. Then scales proximity effects based on those and whether you have protection or not.
  • Protection is currently Equipping either one of the following three items: Fireman’s Helmet, Iron Fire Axe, Fire Extinguisher. The latter two require they be the active item on hotbar to count.
  • Proximity to fire effects include: Slow to ramping quickly HP and Water Loss, increased cold temp resistance, decreased hot temp resisitance, and even having the fire jump the space to set you on fire, which can happen regardless of wearing protection or not so better keep water on hand just in case.

Also makes any drink item that follows the vanilla naming convention for them able to extinguish on the player any of the new on-fire buffs from Guppy’s Fire Mod.

Additionally it makes zombies who get too close to fires also set on fire, and often causes them to set new areas on fire before they die.

Lastly the mod enables some alternative color fire particles on some materials, for instance body bags burn with green fire and trash burns with a black flame.



The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Magejosh, Guppycur, SphereII

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