3 thoughts on “Noob Block

  1. Is it just me or does this mod not seem to work? I place it down, and nothing seems to happens and I can’t upgrade it either (seeing as it’s supposedly self-repairing). I am using this mod as part of the War3zuk AIO mod, however.

  2. lol A what? I would consider downloading if it told me what a “self upgrading block” was or how it works. The description makes it sound like a self upgrading block is something common that we should already be familiar with.

  3. The block places down like a normal wooden frame and only costs 20 wood to make. Once placed it quickly upgrades itself (1-2 seconds) to Iron(?) with 1000hp. Not as strong as cobblestone but considering it only costs 20 wood it is amazing (and probably OP) for first few days.

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