Player Vending Machines Remover

7 days to die player vending machines remover


This Mod was made to help server owners (Admin). As a long time server owner this mod was made to stop traders selling player vending machines.

Why?? On my server we have a custom made players market where we allow players to sell items in vending machines, We allow 2 vends per player, the reason is many players end up with 20 plus vending machines which in time ruins the experience for the newer players being able to have most items way too soon.

What Does It Do?

This Mod removes the player vending machines from traders but as an Admin you can still give the players a vending machine for a market or just choose to not have them in game, although rented machines will still be available inside traders.

This is a server side only mod, No need to install on a client.


Credits: Itsmelee

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