5.56 Weapons Pack

7 days to die 5.56 weapons pack, 7 days to die ammo, 7 days to die weapons

2/4 of Izayo’s firearms mod pack.

  • Added 5.56 ammo (a weaker 7.62 but higher in penetration and range) normal and AP)
  • Adds 7 guns that uses vanilla item mods

Assault Rifle

  • Carbine 15 MAC-V = low tier automatic. Low ammo capacity, ROF, durability
  • AKW-556 = an AK converted to use 5.56. State are similar as vanilla AK47
  • Carbine M4C = a better version of Carbine 15 + faster reload. “C” stand for “cool”
  • HK rifle = H*****r & K**h automatic rifle. Best assault rifle in this pack, very high rate of fire
  • (new) XM-556 Skal = can be found only in the traders

Sniper Rifle

  • Civilian-Legal Rifle = a 5.56 Bolt action rifle for civilian. No magazine, feed it 1 by 1 (ask TFP if you want a normal bolt action rifle LOL)
  • M16-DMR = semi-auto M16 long-range high damage (try not to make it full-auto you will have a sound problem)
  • (new) SR-556 = can be found only in the traders

Light Machinegun

  • Ameli Machinegun = you may calls “Spanish MG42” (He tried his best to make it look like the real one). Very fastttttt ROF, high ammo cap., very low modification option.
  • (new) MG249 = can be found only in the traders

Ammo and guns are craftable/lootale.

7 days to die 5.56 weapons pack additional screenshot

Special Thanks

  • Demo’s Gaming. He reviewed Izayo’s mod and also help him with the xml files. His YT channel.
  • BFT2020
  • Many free models from sketchfab
  • Sounds from L4D2, CSGO, BF series
  • Guys who teach him how to mod, use unity


Update v.Final

  • Added 3 new guns (T4) Trader Exclusive (Can be only found in the traders)
  • Fixed M4C, now become green
  • Fixed M16DMR’s lame silencered sound

Update v3

All guns are now craftable, lootable, renamed all items

Update v2

  • Fixed m16_fire sound incompatible with “Tactical Action” mod
    • Changed from m16_fire.ogg to m16DMR_fire.ogg

Download New, Final Version from Mega
Download New, Final Version from Google Drive
Download Old, v3

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Izayo

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40 thoughts on “5.56 Weapons Pack

  1. Hey,
    Would it be possible to add that you can also craft the ammunition in stacks? Like with the normal ammunition from the standard game? ^^

  2. First i gotta say i LOVE all your weapons mods for the game, but there is an issue with this particular one. when you find ammunition, you seem to always find all three variants (normal, high, and AP) in the same loot at the same time. its not too much to complain about, but i wonder if there is a slight issue with the randomized loot drop on it. otherwise i love this mode and am grateful you included the M249 in this set list.

    Also I’m hoping your working on a A21 version soon,

  3. So i have an issue where the friend im playing with has an error message pop up everytime i pull one of the weapons out and he doesnt have a model for me or himself holding the gun, even when he has the gun out he gets an error message to him, but im fine

  4. Hey Izayo,
    we use your mod on our own server. Its awesome thank you!
    One problem we have though, if we learn any of the recipes they dont show up in the crafting table, so we cant craft ammo or the 5.56 guns.
    You know any solution for this?
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi, I have a question. I don’t have any icons for the weapons, neither when they are in the inventory nor in the toolbar

    1. you can custom it in items.xml
      the sentense that said “Magazine_items” replace with ammo762mmBulletBall,ammo762mmBulletHP,ammo762mmBulletAP

  6. Googledrive download limit has been reached as too many people have downloaded the file. Don’t know if you can do anything from your end to help refreshing Googledrive or alternate upload?. I have the same problem with the Vanilla pack (Contains Ak-M) and the .30-06 packs

    1. +1

      Izayo please don’t use Google Drive. The file size of your mods is large and lots of downloads in a very short time. Google Drive has some annoying limits. Please use GitLab, GitHub, Mega etc.

  7. Hey Izayo!
    1. Weapons can now be crafted. Some weapons can be crafted once the DeadEye or MachineGunner perk have been selected. The rest can be learned via the added schematics.
    2. All the weapons seem to already be tied to the progression. I just added the language to make sure some weapons can be crafted via the associated perk.
    3. Weapons and schematics now will show up in loot. I’ve used the vanilla files as a template so they won’t be seen much in early game loot. All the weapons have a possibility to show up as a quest reward as well.

    Feel free to adjust recipes or tinker with the loot a bit. 😎🤘


  8. Hello, I would again like to get permission to use your mod in my own build “Back to Origins 4.0” can I ask again?

  9. You need to edit loot.xml to have ammo show up in loot, I fixed it on my side and can send it to you if you wanna!

  10. so i was wondering if this mod would work with the prestige mod that adds many new perks to spend on.(basicly would guns from this mod get the buffs from the gun perks and whatnot)

  11. “Added 5.56 ammo (a weaker 7.62 but higher in penetration and range)” ?????????? LOL ?????
    Thats like slower F1 car with better acceleration and lap times :))))))))))))

    But if is this mod similiar to the 30-06 one so it should begood i like that one !

    1. Yeah 5.56×45 is a smaller cartridge with higher velocity means more range and better armor penetration with a smaller hole. 7.62×39 is larger heavier and slower cartridge with more kinetic energy. IRL you can’t really quantify damage like in a videogame so for the sake balance this actually makes sense. Besides you’re game from devs that don’t know the difference between 7.62×39 Russian AK ammo and 7.62×51 Nato. Which are 2 completely different rounds one used in the AK and the later used in the hunting rifle.

      1. You’re right about the range but wrong about the penetration. The 5.56 can easily penetrate through an object like the 7.62 however, the lighter weight round shot by the 5.56 are easier to deflect and would have reduced over-penetration than the 7.62. It’s all about physics, my friend😉

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