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This is a mod for groups of people that play together or MP servers with communities actively playing.

What this mod does is it will allow you to break down skill books into research data. You can then take this research data and some other stuff to make an “Anti-Skill” Book. You can reach this book and it will take 1 point away from that skill and turn it back into the book. You can then trade this book with your friends/group mates.

What this is supposed to do is help you consolidate your skills to people to help advance them faster. So if a group mate has 25 of a skill, and you have 8, you can pull your 8 OUT and give the books to your friend 🙂 Then they can advance their skill to the betterment of the group! If you believe in that sort of thing.

You will UNLEARN skills as you pull books out. So don’t think you can learn a skill line then pull all your books out to sell em. You will revert back to zero! And you can’t use a book past level 1. So you can trick the system into making free books.

Research bench is locked at 30 workstation skill books. Then this opens up and you can start consolidating!

7 days to die ratbertts anti-skill books additional screenshot


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Ratbertt

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