No Vultures

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After working the fields of mods, I bring forth bounty (i.e. I copied and pasted from another mod I made and modified it). This mod should remove vultures of both types from the game. I checked a few well known spawns and a blood moon. No vultures spawned, so they should be eradicated from your game once you install this.


Credits: WhackIt1

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8 thoughts on “No Vultures

  1. I personally really appreciate that this mod exists, and I look forward to it working perfectly. I’m ornithophobic (afraid of birds) so 7days became completely unplayable for me when they added vultures. I love that I may be able to play the game that taught me how to play survival games again. ^-^

    1. It should. I didn’t test it but I believe the quest just refreshes the POI spawner. Infested clears may be different, but I can’t find any of those spawners in the game’s .xml files.

    1. Not everyone has to play with the same tactic. And not everyone has to use every mod. If it’s not for you, you don’t download it and you leave without making useless comments. This is the logic of the modding world.

      I hate vultures, snakes and dogs. Thank you very much WhackIt1 for your very useful mods.

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