ReQuests – A Mod That Allows You to Take Multiple Quests From a Bulletin Board

7 days to die ReQuests - a mod that allows you to take multiple quests from a bulletin board, 7 days to die quests

Will not work without Tactical Action. Another unbalanced mod that solves an issue Tristam always had: returning to the trader between each and every mission. Or having to get one from each. OR not being able to negotiate for what rewards you want, where you want to go, or do easier/harder quests on demand. He also hated hunting down each and every zombie in a POI, or not always being able to leave. Now, 10 nails and 10 wood will get you a Bulletin Board that you can place anywhere. Get your quests there, and go out and conquer. Every sort of quest there was in a19 is represented here, with some slightly new ones made by yours truly. Most quests involve killing x amount of zombies instead of completely clearing out a place. Makes sense to him since the zombies never truly go away forever, so you don’t need to be so thorough just for it to fill up again in the future. Think of it as agreeing to trim down their numbers instead of “wiping them out.”

Note: The 4×4 Truck quest is currently broken and will be fixed later. As-is, your kills are reset at 255 and you cannot get the 1000 you need for the completion. He will fix it at some point. For now, just don’t take it.

You should also be aware that some Quests won’t work. This is a game flaw, so to speak, as there might not be an appropriate location for the quest to take place. Simply cancel it and pick a different one.


  • (new) Reduced the Duke awards of all quests by 3/10ths. If you want to earn some money, do the traditional quests slowly. If you want to earn rewards, do these. You can still get plenty of money quickly, but ReQuests is focused about the quest rewards, not the coin, and should no longer outright replace standard quests.
  • Updated for A20.
  • Fixed the broken quests.
  • Burnt Forest icons are now red to better differentiate them from Wasteland’s.
  • Added text to quests when you read them describing the quest in a lore friendly way.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Tristam

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7 thoughts on “ReQuests – A Mod That Allows You to Take Multiple Quests From a Bulletin Board

  1. Hi. That’s a great idea. The quests to obtain vehicles parts display NullReference if clicked.
    Is there a way to change the price of quests?

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