Corpse Remover

7 days to die corpse remover, 7 days to die zombies

This modlet was created due to the poor performance experienced even with my current PC loaded with a Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB RAM and GTX 1080. I was still experiencing massive drops, I created this modlet to force zombie corpses to despawn after 5 seconds (which can be easily altered) – This doesn’t affect dogs as you can harvest resources from them, but zombie corpses hold no real point to remaining on screen after death and suck up system resources.

Only tested with Alpha 20, might encounter some zombies from previous iterations that are not specified and so their corpses will remain.

Download from Google Drive
Download from my website

Credits: ThunderSn1per

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5 thoughts on “Corpse Remover

  1. You might want to change the download url from your website from https to http cuz you might scare people of, for Chrome users

  2. thanks for responding to my message, yes the one’s laying around, not sleepers. yeah i dont need them, as i’m creative most of the time anyway. i can edit the a19 blocks.xml file and they’re gone, but it doesnt seem to work with a20. i will try your mod tonight, cheers

    1. No problem at all, the reason we all make mods is to help each other and have fun 🙂 I’ll take a look into it, I’m guessing something outside the XML file overrides them? A change perhaps in the transition from A19 to A20. Will give it a look when I’ve got a chance.

  3. WOULD IT be possible to remove all corpses, not just the one’s that you kill, as in the static one’s as well. i tried to do it by editing them out, in the xml, but had no effect. works for a19, but no a20 unless i’m missing something

    1. You mean those corpse’s that are lying around but not actually just sleepers? You can harvest a few resources from those but it could be possible. I’ll have a look into it for sure. Where you say “works for a19 but no a20” do you mean your attempt at removing all corpses or my mod? You might have something conflicting such as your previous attempt if my mod isn’t currently working.

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