Tactical Action

7 days to die tactical action, 7 days to die overhaul mods

IvanDX is from China, and not good as English.

This mod adds a lot of guns and gun mods to the game.

About this mod please see the video.

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 1

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 2

Right now, you can use EOTechG33 + AimpointM3 + PVS22 three scopes on one weapon. Or, ACOG_ECOS + PVS22, Or just G33 + PVS22, without Reticle.

All those scopes use “C” or “Ctrl”key to change state.

There have many other things in this mod.

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 3

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 4

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 5

And the best, a huge display of fireworks.

7 days to die tactical action additional screenshot 6


  • LavenderManor: When you planted Lavenders, they have a chance to grow up to LavenderManor, it was more beautiful.
  • TαVirus: When you get hit by zombies, you may infect TαVirus. at first, you feel nothing, then in a while, the symptom will show up.
  • And dont ask again, this virus has no cure. That’s why the whole world end.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: IvanDX

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9 thoughts on “Tactical Action

  1. Por favor una actualización para alpha 20 así tal y como está el mod, a mí me gustó mucho en alpha 19.

  2. I installed this mod without noticing that it had some random TAvirus with it. Probably the dumbest addition to a weapon mod. Why would you make a weapon mod then add two random things to it? Also from what I can tell this Mod also makes screamers attack you from a distance and do psychic damage to you, not even mentioned in the mod notes. Interesting concept but these things should be stand alone or have options. Also the display when you pull some of the guns out is silly and breaks the realism.

    1. ngl annoyed at the screamer and the virus first time i seen it i shit my self but give the guy/girl a break he went out of his way to make this mod so people like you and me can have even more fun playing 7dtd

    2. I agree – split this into 2 mods – one called “tactical action” which has all the gun stuff except for the weird display when you pull out the guns. And the other one called “weird stuff”, which adds everything else.

  3. Hello there and thank you for this mod. I love it. The only problem I have with this mod is whenever I pull out a gun, an annoying graphic display of the name of a gun keeps popping out blocking view for a few seconds which I don’t like, is there a way to REMOVE that so every time I pull out a new gun it doesn’t always show the display name of the guns? I don’t always need to know the name of a UMP, USP or M4A1 etc is. If anyone understands coding and knows how to remove that annoying feature please comment below me here on this page. Thank you.

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